OMG!!! I am going to SCREAM!!!

  1. :hysteric:

    I sold a bag on eBay and the buyer happens to be from South Korea. Fine. My auction states that I will only ship to a CONFIRMED PP address. She/he emailed me saying that hers isn't and asked if bank wire is an option. I told her YES and sent her all the info needed for the wire transfer. Then, every freaking day after that, I get emails from the buyer asking me some dumb a$$ questions (i.e. "is the name on the account such and such" or "is this your bank's name", etc.). And all those emails come 24 hours apart. It's been a freaking week and I WANT TO GET FOR MY ITEM already!:cursing: My auction terms state that payment should be received three days after auction close. I finally emailed her/him and said that if I don't receive the email with the scan of the wire transfer TODAY, I WILL file a non-paying bidder claim! WTH? WHY or WHY did eBay eliminate Pre-Approved Bidder option.:rant:

    OK, rank over! I just really needed to vent!
  2. That is obnoxious... definitely sounds like she is buying time.
  3. *HUGS* ugh.... I feel your frustration, Irene. Hope this EWB pays you soon. There's no common sense with eBay anymore and eliminating the Pre-Approved Bidder option I feel is their biggest mistake! Hope all is resolved soon for you.
  4. If it's an expensive bag I can understand her making sure that the details are correct etc.
  5. I know, I know. Maybe I am overreacting a bit but I already had plans for these new funds. :sneaky: Will see. I also hate the fact that there is such a huge time difference which makes communicating a b*tch.
  6. This is why I only ship to US/Canada and only accept paypal.
  7. Awww *hugs* Irene....I hope it all works out! I would file the NPB anyways...that should get her butt in gear quickly!!!! You can file it on day 8 and then she has another couple days to pay....but maybe she'll start taking it seriously.
  8. sorry to hear that and good luck with the whole situation!~

  9. I will have to start doing that from now on.

    Thanks ALL for your well wishes.:smile:
  10. Just wonder if her ID: eversy80? If so, please don't worry, she ever purchased from me and she's very nice buyer. I think she got trouble with her PayPal or something and the reason she asked such that detail because her bank sometimes get trouble with our details - she sent me bank wire and asked such that question but don't worry, she's trusted buyer ( in the case your buyer is same with mine ) :smile:
  11. ^^^ No, that is not her ID.:sad: She is fairy new (under 20 feedbacks) and one of the feedbacks is negative - saying that she used a stolen CC through PP :shocked: ). I don't know who is right or who is wrong there but I am not taking any chances with PP.
  12. Aww, Irene! I would be annoyed out of my mind too! I completely agree, it only adds to the frustration that you already have plans for these funds. My bag on ebay doesn't even have a single bid on it yet, and I've already planned my next 2 purchases! :sweatdrop: I hope everything works out!
  13. OK, a tiny update - just got another email that the funds have been sent. It takes two business days (I think) for it to show up so I am keeping my fingers crossed.:push: Mama needs a brand new bag!!!:nuts::lol:
  14. OH :shocked: stolen cc?? Horrible. I hope nothing trouble with your transaction... Beside it, that buyer sounding untrustable.

    Bank wire from Asia to USa will take 5 days to arrive exc Monday and holiday :smile:
  15. Hate to sound paranoid but her being negged for using stolen credit card indicates she's untrustworthy. It sounds like she's phishing. Please don't give her too much information. If I were you I would file a NPB and relist.