Omg I Am Fuming!

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  1. I was driving home tonight and sitting at the light ONE LIGHT away from my house. This lady bumps me from behind! I am not in a good area of town either, so I am way nervous about pulling over since I'm alone. I go through the light and tha lady is honking at me the whole time. I pull over into a strip mall and park my car. She pulls behind me (so I guess I can't leave) and I get out and look at my car. There are some scrapes on my bumper, so I say to her, "Don't worry, it doesn't look to bad." since she is driving a beat up old car and don't know if she has insurance. She says, "What are you worried about your car for, you hit me!!"

    WHAT?! ?! ?! :cursing:

    I am shocked so I say, "No, you hit me, how could I have hit you while I was sitting at the light?" :confused1:

    She replies, "You backed up at the light!" and procedes to tell me I am crazy for doing so. Then she says if I had just acknowledged what I did and said I was sorry, she would have left but now she wants to call the cops. As you should do in an accident anyways. She has two kids in the back of her car and I have dinner for my mom and I in mine, so I call 911 and ask for a police car to come so we can get it over with.

    We wait about 10 minutes for the cop and she keeps badgering me! She is cussing in front of the kids and everything! She said since I pulled over, it shows it was my fault, because if I hadn't done anything I would have just left (uh, no, that would be leaving the scene of an accident). Then she proceded to say that I must be DRUNK since I don't remember backing up. To which I reply, I don't drink EVER, and she still says I must be drunk or on drugs or something. Which I take offense to because since my mom is a recovering alcoholic, I don't drink EVER and that is my hot button issue. Seeing this is getting nowhere, I tell her I'm not going to argue with her anymore and am just going to wait for the cop, so she calls 911 again. They must tell her something to the effect that I have already called because she replies, "Yeah, she called, but I think she's drunk or something."

    Finally the cop shows up, and she barges into her story about the whole situation and I just say "Why would I back up when I was sitting at a light?" He really doesn't want to hear it and just takes our information. She asks when the police report will be ready, and he said 10 days. So I KNOW she is going to file with my insurance and get money over nothing. It isn't even her car! It is her cousin's or something. So, now I have to write up a statment and call my insurance company and her cousin's.

    I've been in two accidents before. One was a guy driving a dump truck who rearended me and fessed up. The second was when I lady ran a red light (at the same intersection, ironically) and totalled my beautiful 1997 red cabrio. We both said the light was green, so no one got blamed. I am NOT letting that happen again!

    I am just so shooken up about the whole thing. I have gotten my car's bumper all scratched up and have to pay my deductable to get it fixed (which I don't need at Christmastime!), and have been called crazy, a drunk, and a liar. I am supposed to go to sleep now, but I'm sure I won't be able to. :sad:
  2. Call your insurance company and tell them the story, including the things she said to you. They will most likely rule in your favor.
  3. Absolutely, call your ins. co. right away and tell them what happened. It almost sounds like she did this deliberately. Recently I was hit from behind at a stop light, but fortunately, the other driver immediately admitted fault, but we waited for police, the report, etc. like you're supposed to. It still is an inconvenience. With her acting so crazy, I understand how that would shake you up. Good luck--you should be in the clear.
  4. Thats horrible. Full moon sure affected her.
  5. ooooooooomg i would be as fuming!! i'm still fuming over the guy that tried to sue me for rear ending him (he tried to sue for about $750k, he settled with $13k).. god such retarded demands. i hope all goes well in your favor when it all boils over. i bet you anything SHE was drunk.
  6. My husband (a cop) says to ask for a collision report (with a report #) and if you have to, file a complaint on the cop for not doing his damn job. He should determine who was at fault (obviously not you) so that your insurance doesn't ding you.

    And it's people like this woman who cause all of our insurance rates to go up...she is obviously pulling a scam to get insurance money. Absolutely pathetic!

    And definitely call your insurance company right away and tell them what is happening. It's important (I think) to stand up to horrible people like this!
  7. Right! What everyone else said. The sooner you let the proper people know the right information, the better.

    And after you're done, do something good for yourself. Take a hot bath, make your bed with fresh sheets, go to sleep early. Anything to make yourself more comfortable. You must feel awful. :sad:
  8. How old is your car and what kind is it? You might have a "black box" in it that will tell EXACTLY what happened before an accident. Check your owners manual and/or the manufacturers website.

    I can't even put into words how upset I would be...

    the only thing I can think of it maybe by taking your car to a mechanics, they could determine that your car was not in reverse when she hit you??

    Maybe there is some indicator that would prove that?? I am totally just guessing...NOT a car expert but you should maybe give that a shot.

    I hope everything works out for you:sad:
  10. Contact your insurance carrier ASAP,give all the information regarding the accident.If anyone is entitled to damages is sounds like you would be the one.You may wake up sore in the morning,you'd be surprised at how much pain can be caused from being hit from behind even at low rates of speed.Let us know how things turn out.
  11. I think it has to do with Florida being a no fault state since there were no witnesses ... I'm not quite sure, I'm going to meet with a friend that works for Progressive for lunch tomorrow to make sure I don't screw anything up and then call both insurances tomorrow afternoon.

    I have a 2004 Honda Accord ... I was thinking about that when I was in the tub, I'll have to look into it!

    Thanks for the kind words guys! I am feeling a little bit better ... I took a nice relaxing bath (even though it was short because I need to go to bed :biggrin:). My neck is kind of sore, but it may be more from tension then the actual accident. I'll definately mention it to my insurance company tomorrow in case something is actually wrong.
  12. That's so lame...a no fault state? Jeesh. I'm glad ours isn't like that - usually the police can tell who was at fault based on different kinds of evidence (don't ask me how ... they take classes for that kind of thing lol). 99.9% of the time the person hit from behind is NOT at fault. And this isn't one of those 0.1% of times either! Obviously. :smile:
  13. black box.. black box.. black box.. :yes:
  14. Yeah, sounds like she is a scammer. Just document EVERYTHING and be prepared for counterpoints to every psycho rambling that dribbled from her mouth to the police in case you go to court. This is terrible and I feel really bad for you!!!!
  15. Oh and do NOT get emotional back to her...stay cool, calm, and collected.