omg i am freaking out

  1. there is one bag on my wishlist that i want but it is out of production and sold out. i called the 866 number today and there is one left in the world but they won't ship to the us from the store. it turns out i know someone from the dept of tourism there. they are holding the bag for me and might be able to ship to the person i know who can then ship it to me. omg i am freaking out! i want it so bad! eep!

    i can't wait for my friend to call me back to see if it can really happen!
  2. which bag?
  3. Awww :sad: Which bag is it?
  4. i am afraid to say in case someone wants to get it too. it's a bag i know a couple of people on here want.
  5. Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.
  6. Must be the VIENNA! Good luck! :nuts:
  7. no it's a speedy. not mirior though.
  8. Is it the perfo?

    Good luck!
  9. nope.

    i should just tell you guys right? argh. i am so worried.

    ok, it's an epi myrtille speedy.
  10. WOOW.. you're getting the LAST one in the world that is FANTASTIC!! Gograts!! I'll cross my fingers for you :smile:
  11. Oh! I love that of luck (and please post a picture!!!!)
  12. Karman - that is the old blue.

    Good luck on getting your dream bag!!!
  13. Can never tell :lol:
  14. LOL - The date code is from 1992. LOL