OMG, I am about to hit my 1000 post...

  1. I can't believe it, i am about to hit my 1000 post.:yahoo: :yahoo:
    This definitely calls for a celebration. wait....yes i have a wine bottle in the fridge.
    I actually can't believe it. considering i joined early in the year.about time right? but funny thing, a friend had emailed me info with a link. and of course curious me clicked on that link and to my horror what happened next. horrible XXX all over my screen. could not get it off. then my computer went downhill after that:rant: :rant: . i finally got it fixed. can you imagine the look on my face when in was informed of what was deleted from my computer when it was repaired:amazed: :shame: :angel: . i thought it was deleted but oh no. it was there.thank goodness it was a friend who fixed it. of course now i am very cautious before i click:roflmfao: .

    my computer is working great and i can now log on frequently and post away.

    anyways, here is a toast to all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen. and to this wonderful forum.
  2. partyface.gif :yahoo: :nuts: :noggin: :rochard: :biguns: :flowers: partyface.gif
  3. Woohoo!! Congrats!!!
  4. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. thanks:biggrin:
  6. Yay congrats...... I've got a long way to go
  7. thanks. as long as you don't have computer problems, youll be there before you realize it.;) . keep posting. great to have you.
  8. Hip-hip-hippo horray! Congrats!
  9. :cool: awesome!!! it doesnt take long to hit that first 1000!!! woo hoo!!! keep 'em coming!
  10. :yahoo: Congratulations!:yahoo:

    :graucho: Did somebody say wine?!!!!
    Whooo Hooo! celebration time.
  11. wow, helenNZ you have over 3000:rochard: i hope to get there too.
  12. :whistle: only 1 more glass for me. thank goodness my interview is in the afternoon:graucho: