OMG! I AM ABOUT TO HIT 3000! ...

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  1. I just want to thank ALL of you here I am about to hit post 3000...for all your wisdom,humor and advice.....I have had such a freakin blast meeting and posting with all of you!

    :shame: and uh..Megs..and Vlad..should PHH ever ask at the purse forum ONLY celebrate these landmark number of posts by spending at least that amount on hand bags...(3000?!?!)..its the new REQUIREMENT...OK???!!!LOL!!!?? Just back me up....LOL!
  2. hehehe Jill, congrats.. u r really popular here.. I have enjoyed ur posts n ur bags for course.. lol
  3. LOl Jill! I totally least $3000 on a new purse. Make sure you spend it before hitting $4000...that way you get more!
  4. Congrats Jill !!!
  5. Congrats, Jill!!!!! Your posts are always so fun to read! Here's to another 3,000 posts and more!!!!!!!! Yay!
  6. Oh Jill!! 2 more to go until that milestone! Woohooo!!
  7. TA-DA!!!!#3000! Thanks are truly an extended family to me!
  8. Great going Jill!!!!
    Looking forward to MANY more posts from you!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS JILL!!!!!!!!:yes: A HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:yes: :P :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  10. CONGRATS, Jill!!!:flowers:
  11. Congrats Jill!! That definately deserves a new bag!!!!
  12. Congrats! I am such a lurker that I am just hoping to reach 100 someday. :biggrin:
  13. :roflmfao: :biggrin:
  14. Jill
    weren't you just at 1500 like two days ago??
  15. Extended, but dysfunctional. Love ya Jill :love:
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