omg I always thought someone should invent this..

  1. haha :roflmfao:
  2. Someone needs to invent an LED screen that you can type onto b/c people ALWAYS ride my :mad: !!! It makes me SO mad, so I slam on my breaks hahaha!!!
  3. This one can say "idiot" :smile:
  4. Lol.
  5. Too freakin' cool! I used to keep a dry erase board with me on long trips... I'd make ample use of it when i was the passenger :devil:
  6. haha very nice :biggrin:
  7. Hahaha, that is cool! I love thinkgeek, they always have the coolest products :love:
  8. Hahaahah that is amazing!
  9. Wow - that is perfect!
  10. :lol:
  11. That's funny!
  12. This is very useful for when you have tailgaters. I hate when people tailgate, if someone is tailgating me I slam on my brakes and that makes them back off.:cursing::cursing:
  13. me too! :p A good brake check usually takes care of it! haha
  14. hahaha that is the greatest thing ever!!!!