OMG..I almost hit BIN..

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Oh no! Glad you stopped yourself...
  2. OMG!!!:rant: Somebody should email Sarah (fashionphile) and tell her!!!:censor:
  3. I emailed her..and that freak seller
  4. Wait whats wrong with it? Im lost ;[

    Is it because it has Manhattan Pm?
  5. She is using someone else's pics!:rant:
  6. When I open this person stole from others as well..I think I've seen that lilac pochette somewhere..

    I am going to tell eBay..
  7. Ewww....that is :censor:
  8. That is why I am so scared to by in eBay
  9. Thats awful!

    Hopefully, the auctions will be pulled out asap.:yucky:
  10. :censor: Just reported but there's only 15hrs left doubt that eBay will pull it in time.:censor:
  11. :censor: Just reported but there's only 15hrs left doubt that ebay will pull it in time.:censor: Glad you didn't BIN bagsnbags! oops sorry double post.
  12. Oh duh! hahaa the Seller is different from the watermarking!

    Im smart :jammin: (I like these new smilies)

    That seller sucks! reporrrrrrt!

  13. i've emailed her as well,
  14. I've had ebay pull stuff within several hours of my reporting. Hopefully they'll be able to do it here! That totally sucks!
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