OMG...I almost had a heart-atack!!!!aaahhhh

  1. OMG, I was inspecting my entire LV collection this afternoon and I took out my MONO PTI wallet that I don't use much and there on the back of the wallet, was a very shinny spot right on one of the flowers...I licked my finger and tried to wipe it off but it didn't come off...I found a magnifing (sp.?) glass and took a look with a flash light, and it apeared that whatever was on there had taken the print off!!! I thought OMG...the only thing I could think it was was maybe I spilled some vanishing cream on it or it transfered from my face. I was ready to cry :wtf::sweatdrop:and tried to wipe it with a rag....nothing so I took a Q-tip and wet it and held it on and rubbed it in all directions and then dried it and there was the flower perfect!!! There was something sticky or something that was covering the was brown and came off on the Q-tip...I think it might have been some of the brown plastic stuff the put around the outside that I maybe didin't notice before or it could have been something else!!! I am just soooo happy it came off! My heart was pounding and I was ready to cry but now I feel reliefe and it makes me realize how careful I must be with my LV items!!!:sweatdrop:

    Another thing I noticed was on my mono portfolio that I got a few years ago when I graduated with my PhD as a gift from my parents...I had bought myself one like 2 months before so I have 2. I use the one I bought and it is good...the one my parents bought is in the box and have only used twice, it is heat stamped for me!!! I looked at it and it looks like the leather lining was streched out...has anyone ever seen this??? Is it from storing it in a box?? Or is it from not using it?? Anyone know, It makes me nervous to think it is streching from something or being in the box for 2 years!!!
    Any help would be great!!!:confused1:

    Sorry it is soooo long!!!:yes:
  2. whew... good to hear your wallet is safe and sound. I have never owned a portfolio case, so unfortunately I'm no help with that. but i have had my eye on one of those for a while... if i ever get one i'll be sure to check out the lining. ;)
  3. good to hear your wallet is okay! :tup:
  4. Glad to hear your wallet is fine!
  5. That must have been scary!

    I'm glad everything worked out fine though. :yes:
  6. Your story almost gave me a heart attack!
  7. Can you post pictures of the stretched leather?
  8. I'm not sure what could have happened to it, though I heard it's not good to keep your bags in their boxes. Because they can't 'breathe' in it. You should just store it in it's dustbag only. Can you show us a pic of what you mean exactly?
  9. I am glad to here your wallet is fine.
  10. Wow~~

    Good thing it came off!

    I would've been a mess if that had happen to me! ><