OMG I actually bought off Ebay!

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  1. I think I can't see the photo... :p:nogood:
  2. Unfortunately I don't think that's real :tdown:
    The box is a giveaway to a fake. If you didn't pay yet, I would recommend contacting the seller to see if you can get out of the auction. Sorry.
  3. Oh no... you bought a fake. Please say you haven't paid yet!! Ugh - I am so sorry!
  4. yes, I believe it's fake also, sorry.:sad:
  5. whats wrong with the box?
  6. Those brown and white boxes go hand in hand with fake keychains on eBay... I have this keychain and it only comes in the lighter pink colors.
  7. All of the fake keychains on eBay come in a white "Coach" box which, also, is fake.
  8. Can you post the drilldown photo of yours so she can see the difference?
  9. Are you serious, there are fake keychains out there?
  10. 75% of the Coach keychains on Ebay are fake and this one is definitely fake. Sorry!
  11. ^Yes. And, most of the ones that are on eBay are fake. :sad:
  12. That is so sad because people would think that this would benefit the heart association, how deceptive !
  13. well POOP. I already paid too! I dont want a fake! Well I emailed the seller asking for a refund before they send it, I hope they are easy to deal with...thanks for your help ladies...I had no idea the keyfobs could be fake too.