omg HUGE BUG help!! eek!

  1. :shocked: ok so i was watching tv in my room earlier and i happen to look over on the floor and there is a BIG cockroach/palmetto bug (big here in attics in florida) staring at me and by the time i whip around to grab my sandal to swat the thing its gone...!! uggg now i dont know if its under my bed or in my closet. now i cant sleep

    should i sleep on the couch? im scared its going to like crawl on me in my sleep. ahhh help!:Push:
  2. OMG! We have those in CA too! It is like an inch or two long and brown? We have flying ones...

    Hurry and squish it, or it'll reproduce...
  3. :yucky: :amazed: Eeek!!! *shudder* must. Kill. Bug!!!
  4. oh thank god it doesnt fly!!! i would have died if it like flew at me! im like on the watch for it to pop out again so i can squish it. they move too damn quick! its going to be a looooong nite!
  5. I feel for you... Cockroaches are my #1 phobia.

    Courage, my dear! :biguns:
  6. do you think its capable of climbing into my bed and into my mouth when im sleeping... :0
  7. although ill probably scare it away with my snoring :smile:
  8. I once read on a Snapple cap (love the useless info), that a human eats an average of 8 spiders in their sleep in their lifetime! Guess it could be a cockroach!!!
    I am too afraid to squash them...just the thought, makes me faint, but I used to do bug spray. One time after giving my son a talk about "all God' Creatures deserve to live", etc....we saw a HUGE cockroach in our house. I went for the bug spray, and he reminded me about the conversation, and I had to catch it and put it outside!!! It was horrifying!!! I can stand anything but a cockroach or something that looks like a cockroach!!!

  9. I am NEVER going to go to sleep again!!!! :sick:
  10. ^ That statistic is true, I've read about it in a book...

    Well, I guess it would qualify as protein... :hrmm: :amuse:
  11. How about this bug? I found one of these in my garage a few months ago and just about had a heart attack. This thing was about 4 inches long and about 1.5 inches tall and looked like an alien. It was the first time I ever saw one and later learned it was a potato bug. Cockroaches are awful but these are pretty creepy too!

    P.S. Rebecca, if I were you I'd sleep on the couch tonight or maybe even in a hotel!
  12. Ugh, that's horrible.

    Keep all rooms super super bright!! I think they don't like light. :huh:
    And... call an exterminator... :huh: or fumigate your place
  13. Note to self:
    Never check this forum right before you were intending to go to sleep.

    Gosh rebecca15, if I knew your # I'd call you. Since we are both going to be up all night we could at least have some company ;)
    Too creepy.
  14. haha! i swear i can like feel it crawling around my room :sad: too scared to close my eyes!
  15. i feel like that too whenever i find bugs in my room!! if i were you i would head for the couch!!!