Omg! Hubby is taking me to Paris!!

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  1. I've always told my husband that he needs to "propose" to me at the Eiffel Tower in Paris (although we've been married for 10 years-LOL). I've been there once with my girlfriend in college and seriously it is the most romantic place EVER! :heart::heart: Well our 10 year anniversary is in June and we were looking for a nice long weekend getaway to celebrate without our 2 little ones and spend time together. I was thinking Caribbean somewhere and out of the blue hubby said "heck let's go to Paris"!:woot:

    And my first stop will be LV (of course!) at the Champs De Elysee as I've never been and you know that I'll pick up a bag or 2 or more :graucho:! Do they have anything different or special there that I can't get at home?

    Any tips out there? (I saw the sticky but it is quite old from 2013). I am sooo excited!!!:smooch::hbeat::cloud9:
  2. So happy for you!! Congrats!! I hope you have a wonderful shopping experience. I had wanted to go to Europe, with Paris being the first stop, on our honeymoon but we ended up going to the Carribean. With our 10th anniversary looming, I told my husband - heck, I'm gonna go with or without you! We went with our two little ones so it was not the greatest time in Paris, especially since my little boy got sick. I couldn't even imagine going to Champs Elysee with my little ones in tow. Thankfully the second leg of the tour went much better when we hit Italy, my boy got better and I picked up some designer bags in the outlet near Florence. I did ask my husband to take me back to Paris without our kids one day! Maybe our 15th?!
  3. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! What a nice way to celebrate. Anything you purchase together over there will be special. Have a wonderful time.
  4. Congrats. !!!! What a great hubby !!!!! Have fun !!! :heart:
  5. So exciting! What a special place to visit for your 10 year! I had my honeymoon there in 2012 ♥ Happy Anniversary!
  6. There are several recent threads with great info about shopping in Paris. You may want to do a search. I'll be going back week after next and I'm so excited. Have fun! :tup:
  7. That Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel tower would be a nice place to be proposed to. You'd have to make the reservation now though, for June.
  8. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!!!!! How sweet of you hubby!!! I can't wait to see what you bring back!!
  9. Happy anniversary! I visited Paris 6 years ago ( it`s a shame I don´t go there more often, it`s just 1,5 hours by train and 4 hours by car...) and it´s a beautiful city! Enjoy your stay!
  10. Thanks so much!! I read the store is 6 stories with a museum up top and they offer champagne! I think that would be the only way to get him in a store. Haha!


    Thank you! Honeymoon in Paris is awesome!

    Oh awesome! Good luck picking out something :graucho:. I have been trying to search for threads. To confirm do they embed their taxes in the retail price? And then you can get a VAT refund at the airport? Unlike here where they add tax to the receipt? And does customs really check if you are over $800 or $1600 for 2 people? Is that US $ or Euro purchase? Thanks for your help!!

    I saw!! We'll definitely have to take a look at that. Would day visit or night visit be better?

    Thanks TLO!
  11. Congrats. Paris is lovely. We lived in the uk for a bit so we went to Paris a couple of times. We went with our first in tow and dragged everywhere we went plus the beautiful playgrounds. Some of my favourite places was musee d'orsay and laduree. Lots of other great things and places. I've been to Louis Vuitton store you are talking about. It's huge with several levels. The staff seem a bit worn out since it's so busy especially during summer. There is another LV store which is suppose to be nice. Don't forget your passport when shopping so you can get taxes back 🏻 I also loved galleries Lafayette and the bug shopping street :Boulevard Haussmann. You could go to the opera too or just tour the opera house. Book in advance as summer gets sold out. Tell us how it goes or reveal what you buy please
  12. Wow so romantic
    Sweetness to max
  13. Hubby and I went to Paris to celebrate our 10 year anniversary as well. It was so magical and definitely memorable! Have fun and congratulations!
  14. So funny about going with or without hubby! :lol: Thank you so much! Your family sounds exactly like us. So glad you had the family experience but I hear ya on European vacation with the kids in tow-not exactly the most relaxing-haha. Sounds like you did some great shopping though and memories with the kids!

    I vote yes to your 15th annivesary! Tell your hubby :graucho:
  15. Congratulations! What a lovely way to celebrate your 10th anniversary!