OMG!! How to clean juicy couture velour? SOS

  1. Hi I bought my juicy cotoure velvour purse in September of 09. Its pink with brown scotties on it and I love it! Throughout the year though its gotten a little bit of dirt on it :cry:
    I've been to two dry cleaners now and they say they cant clean it. How can I clean my velour bag? I just dont want it to get ruined any more because I love it.

  2. do not let dry cleaners clean it. they will ruin it.
  3. I agree with VJUELW. I did that same process cleaning my bag and it worked. You may not even need soap if the stain is not so bad. First, try using a white damp cloth with no soap. If the spot doesn't come out, proceed with the mild detergent. The damp white cloth works for the leather bags as well. Whatever you do, do not, I mean DO NOT soak the bag in water. It'll damage and dry out the leather.
  4. I just finished up cleaning my yellow Juicy terry bag for the third time, and I feel that it was a pretty good success. I used a tiny bit of All Small and Mighty dye-free detergent, plus a little bit of Herbal Essences "for dry/damaged hair" shampoo. I had had a lot of success using this shampoo to get out stains from most fabric, most notably blood stains out of sheets. It's pretty old but I would recommend any shampoo that doesn't have conditioning in it; just a general, not too fancy shampoo to get out stains.

    I did the towel thing and used three towels: the first to soak in the water/shampoo/detergent mix and blot directly on the stains, the second to blot the same spots with clean water, and the third to try to dry it off. The bag is now hanging from two detachable straps on the shower curtain rod in front of a fan to dry.

    I just used the detergent alone last two times, but the spots came out kind of dingy as though the soap never quite came out, if not the dirt. What I was trying to clean out was just general dirt from rubbing against the body and a bit of denim transfer from the hip of my new jeans. This time, I think the shampoo was able to get the whole bag to look a lot brighter and cleaner. Now my only issue is that there's some blue pilling right at the edge of the terry fibers where the denim stain had been. I'm not sure how to get rid of those.

    But in general, I would say a tiny bit of dye-free laundry detergent mixed with a very barebones shampoo and a lot of water will work very well for spot-cleaning.
  5. did you blot or rub your stains out?
  6. blot, no rubbing for that will toughen that area and it will look bad
  7. erm, i just buy a new bag.....
    but then again, i don't really stain any of my bags either.

    something i did do to my bag was just wiped it with a paper towel soaked in water, and let it air dry.paper towel just seems to hold more water than a regular towel, that is why i chose it.i suppose a sponge would work better.

    i am commenting because i disagree with these suggestions...throwing your bag in the laundry will warp the leather and leave spots, which looks far worse than the color bleeding, which is also a side effect.
    a mr.clean eraser does work on the leather, but not on the hardware.

    and i would avoid any soaps on the material unless you are like me and already planning to just buy a new bag.

    your best bet is a mixture of fabric softener and water, not detergent.but i guess it depends on the type of stain..the most stain i've ever had was a splash of juice, or a marker mark.
  8. akemi, girl, get a new bag already!!!!!!!!i love juicy, but i can't imagine using the same one for that many seasons...there are so many colors to choose from, and least get a diff bag for summer than you use for winter.

    do not get your bag 'dry' cleaned...the dry cleaning process actually involves using liquid, it just isn't will destroy your bag.if you want to destroy your bag, wash it by least you'll be able to control it.

    p.s. you have a brown velour bag?i gave my lil sis my old brown daydreamer and she ran it through the laundry with her clothes, and it came out wobbly looking but it was definately clean, and she did not care one bit because it was a clean juicy couture.if you are not a perfectionist, maybe you should go that route.

  9. Well I just got a new Velour juicy wallet and purse and then I went to buy this lipstick that my friend suggested and as soon as I opened it it broke and landed on my new purse and so when I picked up the broken lipstick it got all over my hands and I tried to get it off but it didn't come off so then it got all over my purse:sad: I went in the store and found a tide to go stain stick and when I got home I put it on and dabbed it with a coffee filter and it worked PERFECTLY!! I was so happy that it came out!! Good luck!
  10. I just got a new Juicy purse and wallet and I somehow got lipstick on it and my mom said to try tide to to go stain stick and what I did was put it on lightly then dabbed it with a coffee filter and it worked!:smile: good luck!!
  11. I used SHOUT FOR COLOURED FABRIC but instead of spraying it directly on the handbag, I used a cotton swab so I can target only the problem area. Try not to put too much solution though, just dab enough to moisten the stain and do it small area at a time. Wait a few seconds for it to be absorbed but not longer than a minute. Then get another cotton swab, this time moisten the swab with water and squeeze all excess water from it. Then gently dab it on the area repeatedly, use more swab if necessary. You will noticed that the stain will be collected on to the cotton swab and the stain on your handbag will get lighter. You can repeat it after a few days, if you werent able to removed all stains in one application.
  12. Try using a little bit of carpet cleaner, it will get rid of dirt trapped in the fabric
  13. Rubbing alchol!
  14. Is there anything I can do to make the corners of this bag not look so faded? The flash makes it look really pale, but the rest of the bag is ok, just faded in the corners. Also, it doesn't have stains, but I think it could use a light cleaning...any suggestions?

  15. I cleaned mine with cottonelle flushable wipe :smile:. It cleaned pretty well then I dried it off with a hair dryer on low .