OMG, How I hate disappointing people!

  1. Please bear with me, tomorrow I have to resign my job, because I just got a great new job with a hand surgeon. I just hate telling my boss, because I just started that job in April and it is hard to replace physical therapists.

    However, if I don't take the dream job working for the hand surgeon, I will be missing a real career opportunity. These kinds of positions don't open up every day.

    I feel like a real sh:censor: and I would like to crawl under a rock right now!

    Any words of wisdom and or encouragement would be appreciated-
  2. Don't feel bad. Since your dream job came around, be happy! The rule for many jobs is that you can always be replaced, so don't worry about your boss. He(or she) will find someone to take your place sooner or later. Congrats on you dream job!
  3. Thanks, I have a tendency to over-empathize with people, plus my boss and his wife have been super nice to me!!
  4. Fendigal, I think you should take your dream job! I mean life is a process and you grow, so now is time to move on. Plus imagine all the bags you can be able to buy!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  5. I think I will keep the bag thing underwraps, I don't want the doctor to think I am overpaid!
  6. First of all, congrats on the new job. It's so wonderful to hear such great news. I don't think you should be upset about getting your dream job as it's your dream. Walk in their tomorrow and respectfully resign.
  7. Thanks, I needed that reality check. Sometimes, I get so wound up in other people's needs I forget I have my own. (Thus I reward myself with purses to make up for that-Freudian slip!)
  8. Oh goodness, I'm the exact same way! Just go in there and be honest. You need to follow your dreams and with it knocking on your doorstep... it's quite an opportunity! Your current employer should understand and if not... oh well. It's something that means a lot to YOU and that is all that matters. Congrats on the new job! :o)
  9. Thanks, you all are so supportive. That's what I love about PF! I was and still am a little freaked out, but I will be okay.
  10. OMG. congratulations on your dream job. it sounds so exciting to have the opportunity to work for a hand surgeon.

    don't feel bad about resigning. just ensure that you give a two weeks notice and leave in good terms.

    i am so excited for you. i can understand how you feel though as to i just went thru a similar situation. i just got a new job myself.
  11. Don't apologize. I'm sorry but sometimes you have to do what's good for you. I too am a wet blanket who tends to apologize for doing stuff for me. While good pt's are hard to find, in reality pts aren't so hard to find in a pinch.
  12. take the dream job! you have to do what's best for opportunity like this may not come around again, and you might be upset with yourself later on if you didn't take the opportunity. congratulations!!
  13. Make sure you give them proper notice and write them a letter saying that while you enjoyed this job very much (and thank them for everything) you'll be starting another one.
  14. Oh Fendigal...I may be in the exact same position...I hear back from my dream internship this Wednesday and if I get it I may have to quit my current job. The horrible part is that I've only been there ONE MONTH :Push: My manager is super duper sweet and I hate having to do sucks bc when I took the job, I basically settled and now that this new position is opening up, I can go after my dream job.... I will give him my 2 weeks notice is another any tips??? :shrugs:
  15. No suggestions but congrats on your dream job!