OMG, how do you report this?

  1. ^Item has been removed.
  2. Oh maybe that is the same person!!! I see the other posted has the same number reference thing going on!
  3. The even DARED to use let-trade's pic of the MC still has the watermarking!!! :cursing:
    I've reported 10 of this seller's listings as fraudulent...I can only report 10 at a time but I put in my message begging the official to review all of her listings.
  4. That is really gross! I hate browsing ebay and seeing dozens of $68 BIN LV bags.
  5. Looks like they have been removed...thank goodness!
  6. ^^^ Yeah! We win (this time)!
  7. You can also report sellers like this to My poupette for MPRS logo misuse. :death: Every little bit helps, I suppose.:shrugs:
  8. I saw these listings last night and I reported a few. Thank goodness they're gone!
  9. I try and report as many fradulent items as possible - it all helps

    Those scammers just make me so :cursing: