OMG how CUTE a purse charm would this be on your LV???

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  1. First let me start off by saying I'm sorry, I know I've been out of the loop in fragrancesfor the last few months so this might be old news for a lot of people. But I just came across this when I was surfing the net! Now I don't know if it's taboo to mention non LV purse charms (so sorry if it is!) BUT I had to share this:

    I just put an order for the MJ Daisy perfume ring too (Sephora)! Which is kind of funny, because I'm basically buying the purse charm I want to put on my new Speedy before I've even bought the Speedy (saving up the $$ for my spring bags for one big happy shopping spree!). :love:

    Oh well! Had to share my purse charm idea! I'm so excited to get it and then use it on my soon to be purchased (I figure in a couple more months) new LV bag(s)!
  2. Very cute! thanks for sharing, I'm going to order one now LOL
  3. so cutee :smile:
  4. OMG!!! Thank you for the link. I think this would be the perfect charm for my new damier azur speedy!! I have an amber colored crystal charm for the mono and I was going crazy trying to find something appropriate for the azur and I think this is going to be it. (Mind you, I don't have these bags yet, lol). Will check it out tomorrow; Sephora is right accross the street. Yeah ! Thanks again.
  5. I love it.
  6. i thought it was pretty cute too when i saw it on sephora site....

    and thank you for posting!!!! great idea!

    i almost bought it last time i was at sephora....but the sample display one was all rusted and it made my finger very stinky (sorry for being negative you guys~) almost made my finger smelled like i had my hand in a change bucket!!!! so....just please be careful when you hang it on your don't wanna ruin your vachetta! =)
  7. ^^ Good point sophia618, I was thinking about that since it is a fragrance product! But I'm thinking/hoping as long as I'm aware that I need to be careful it should be okay!!

    missyanne - Your welcome! Happy I could help!

    P-B - You're welcome too! If you do pick it up tomorrow please post a pic and share! I would love to see how it looks against the Azur! I think it would look spectacular!

    Thanks to everyone else who replied to this thread, I was so happy when I saw it I had to share it with people who would understand!!! I can't wait to see it IRL and then with a new speedy!!!
  8. Thank you for sharing. The daisy is adorable! This made me want to go & place an order at my local Sephora :smile: But I'm not sure if the one in Canada will have it (we don't have as extensive a collection as the states)

    Which speedy are you going to buy? I'm excited for you to get the daisy & a brand new LV! You & I are on the same boat, saving up for a LV speedy purchase in a few more months! *thumbs up*

  9. Yeah -- I will post it once I get my bag later this month. :tup: I am like you ... charm before bag. LOL!

  10. Thanks! And it's going to be either the mini lin ebene or the damier ebene for me!

    p.s. you have GREAT taste! LOL :tup:

    In regards to Canada's Sephora I can answer that question. Nope, not there. At least that's what they told me when I called Yorkdale Sephora (I didn't check Eaton's centre Sephora because they said it was just in the States). But you can order it online via Sephora if you are interested! Their Canadian checkout is pretty good!
  11. This is really cute and smells so nice! I bought one for myself and one for my mother back when Sephora had their F&F promo :tup:
  12. Thanks, Love LV! :heart: Same with you :yes: Those are great speedy choices! Can't wait to see which one you decide on (don't forget to post pictures!)

    Thanks for the info. And will do once I check out how the MJ Daisy perfume smells like. Would you happen to know if it's sold in Canadian dept stores?

    In light of sophia618's comments, I had the idea of scooping out the solid perfume & putting it elsewhere (ie. MAC sample container or any smaller container), just so that it wouldn't make the bag stinky/sticky. Voila! MJ Daisy solid perfume ring will then be nothing but a pretty bag charm! :lol:
  13. Thanks beautibabe! I will definitely post a pic once I get the charm and the new bag!! What speedy are you thinking about ?

    And sorry, I'm not sure where MJ Daisy is sold in Canada. I must admit, I took a risk, and just thought I'd like how it smells - LOL! If not, at least I have a very cute purse charm! And it's definitely the right $. If I'm not fond of the scent, I just might have to copy your idea; otherwise I might just try it out and see how it goes for a while - I rather like the idea of having a perfume handy!

    P-B - LOL! It's crazy isn't it! Sometimes I feel so backwards when I shop!!
  14. this is a brilliant idea, and the charm is so so cute ! I live in toronoto too, so I'll be calling all sephoras tomorrow just in case one of them does have it ! I hope we do.. its so adorable ! thank you for sharing :tup: