OMG! How can we educate this poor lady??

  1. Mods: Please move this if it's in the wrong place.. I have no idea where it goes, really. I just wanted help from the purse-loving masses. :flowers:

    I ran across this tonight, and my jaw literally dropped! :wtf: Is anyone on here brave enough to send her a message to let her know what she's doing is illegal? I'm too non-confrontational...:sweatdrop: I mean, this woman has small children.. she needs to set an example, not traffic counterfeit merchandise!
  2. WOW. That's unbelievable. :wtf: If I was on myspace, I'd do something about that! :tdown:
  3. Poor lady?? She says that they're replicas, so it's not like she doesn't know...
  4. Those are some of the most hideous replicas I have ever seen!

    Honestly though, I don't even think messaging her would make a difference. People like that know that what they are doing is illegal, but they just don't care.
  5. I think the whole point was to make notice that what she is doing is illegal.
  6. I don't believe in myspace drama. She knows what she'd doing and I really doubt she'd give a crap if anyone bugged her over this.
  7. It's hilarious how those fake items are covered in HUGE logos. It's like they're screaming "Look at me! I'm a Chanel! (Just don't look too closely)."

    Does myspace even allow people to sell from their webspace?
  8. Heres my fave..

  9. Maybe not so much educate her, but all the people who buy her cheap knock-offs... maybe someone braver than me can post a link to tPF on her comments?
  10. OMG.... Sorry but any self-respecting woman shouldn't be caught dead with a fake purse. I mean if you cannot afford it, save a lot or just buy an inexpensive brand, there's nothing wrong with that!

    If somebody will tip off this woman to the right people she can get in trouble. :devil:
  11. is there ANYTHING we can do??? ahhh.. i get so mad when i see this stuff... and so mad at those who buy from HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we gotta call the Purse Police!!!!!!!!!!:censor:
  12. I guess I wouldn't consider her a "poor lady". I would bet she knows exactly what she is doing and knows it is illegal. But she also figures that "everyone does it" and that the likelihood of her getting caught is small. She is looking for a way to make a little money, and she doesn't care how she does it. "Education" isn't going to do much in these cases.
  13. ^She clearly states that it's not authentic merchandise. It is illegal to sell it, but it's not illegal to buy it so her buyers aren't at risk...

    I don't feel bad for this lady or any of the people who buy her stuff. I think it's really nice of you to want to help, but I kind of get the impression that she doesn't care :shrugs:
  14. I reported her to MySpace. Hopefully they'll do something about it. :yucky:
  15. Wow I personally don't think it's any of our business what others do. I may not approve or buy fakes but she clearly stated replicas and clearly she knows what she is doing. The most important thing is she made it clear that it was indeed a replica and wasn't duping people into believing they were buying the real thing, so I could care less.