Omg HOT new couple alert!

  1. Woops, did I say hot? I meant trashy.

    Kimberly Stewart and Tommy Lee


    Tommy Lee and Rod Stewart’s wild-child daughter, Kimberly Stewart , 26 are seeing each other! They met in London several months ago and are now dating. At last week’s opening of Pink Taco in L.A., Stewart was seen running out to Lee when he was denied entry after the fire department shut the party down.

    Our spy said, “They threw their arms around each other and she started saying, ‘Baby, baby,’ before kissing and leaving.”
  2. Really????
  3. oh man. never saw that one coming.
  4. :throwup::throwup:
  5. any wagers to see how long before he beats the crap out of her too?
  6. ahhhhhhhhhh OMG noooooooooooo
  7. huh?
  8. oh wow
  9. he prolly going to try and marry her!! for the rock royality aspect of Kimmy!!!!
  10. i'm guessing it's safe to conclude tommy has a thing for blondes...
  11. WOW~ :wtf::throwup:
  12. I really like him...he is just a bad boy, gone wrong. She might as well go out with him. age wise its simliar to her fathers actions...just oposite!
  13. Eeek! That's just wrong on so many levels.
  14. wow
  15. :throwup:That is seriously sooo gross.....