OMG....hillarious...too funny!!!


and u too!!!
Oct 7, 2006
I almost fell on the floor laughing...:graucho:

Okay, DH gets a phone call -normally doesn't answer the phone unless he knows who is calling.

...Anyway, he answers this phone and this guy says, "hello, my name is Jason from XXX and we are conducting a survey..."

DH response - :confused1: "ah, okay!"

So the guy goes on to ask...a couple of questions and then he asks, how is your driving record for the past 12 months?

DH response - "ah, I have had 2 speeding tickets."

Rep's response - "okay, anything esle?

DH - "yea, let me see...oh yea 2 accidents and 1 drunk driving..."

Rep's repsonse - "oh - I am sorry you wouldn't qualify...."

OMG...too funny, DH doesn't have ANYTHING on his record....too funny!!!!!

:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:


Aug 21, 2006
Yea, DH is quite a character - he always has good comebacks! I too - usually jsut hang up the phone!!!

Me too...I can't ever think fast enough to be funny.

My dad did this one night....a guy calls and we're having dinner so my dad was like how about I get your phone number and call you back. So the guy starts giving him the 800 number and my dad was like 'oh no, I want your home phone number so I can call you later when you get off work, by the way what time do you go to bed because I want to make sure I call you at the most inconvient time possible". The guy was speechless and finally just hung up.:rolleyes: