OMG!!! hermes kelly CAKE!!!!

  1. for all u hermes lovers out there, i just came across this for u....


    it's a CAKE!!!!! :idea: :idea: :idea: YUMMY!!!!!
  2. OMG, YUM!!!! I want a BJ fondant one!
  3. Oh my God! This is amazing!
  4. My sister can make cakes like that...she is is her hobby. I keep telling her to go into business.

    Amkur...I second some BJ fondant too.

    I swear I would have a hard time cutting the cake! Too pretty.
  5. o.k.....:nuts: I'll take a slice of that...bag!:lol: I just hope it does not taste like togo!:Push:
  6. i was thinking the same thing . . . . the vision of plunging a knife into a kelly -- cake or otherwise -- was giving me the shivers!
  7. I would like one in the Himalaya or the Sumac.:flowers:
  8. wow it looks so real! yumm!
  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: KB,u make me wanna visit u and ur sister right this moment~~~:yahoo: :heart: :love:
  10. Your sister should totally go into that business! Hey, maybe she can make Hermes bag cakes for boutique openings!:nuts:
  11. That is just fabulous! We should all receive one of those for your birthdays!
  12. :roflmfao: or smells like one!!
  13. That's amazing!
  14. Holy Moly! That is amazing!
  15. Better watermark that puppy or some jerk will try to sell it on ebay!! :smile: