OMG!!! help where can i find this!!!

  1. hey ladies!!!!!
    i need help i saw this stuff on eBay:tdown:
    but i want to go in a store & make sure gwen gets my $$ not someone on eBay
    can anyone tell nme where i can find these treasures??
    the jewelry box came with perfume & lotion i think but not sure i have searched for the bracelet i think that may only be available in the u.k.
    i love gwen stefani & her new perfume!!
    e17e_1.jpg b411_1.jpg 0880_1.jpg
  2. Is it a Lamb perfume gift set? I would try Nordies first...
  3. i tried the website already & i have the perfume already & i got it @ Nordies but i didnt see it there
  4. I wouldn't buy fragrances or other beauty products. just don't trust the seller,don't know why. anyways, I searched online and couldn't find it but that doesn't mean you can find IRL. Go to a mall and look at dept. stores. Nordstrom and Macy's def. has it and they might have this as a gift set. They don't intentionally put online I guess.
    For example, Viktor & Rolf's flowerbomb had fan (use in your hand),didn't see online,but so IRL and when you use it ,you would smell the perfume which is great. So try dept. stores and ask SA if you can see the set
  5. Not that I advocate Macy's... But I know they carry it!
  6. i tried 2 macys & 1 nordstroms & they dont have it
    i want it damn it!!!
  7. The box is a gift with purchase at Macy's, Dilliard's, and I believe Lord & Taylor. The bracelt is a GWP in the UK.
  8. thanks alot you guys i got it at dillards today!!!
    i super love it
  9. glad that you found it :smile: