OMG!!! Help, what happened to my bowler?

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  1. Girls, help me. The anchor to the straps of my chanel bowler is loose. I got the bag from ebay and had smooth authenticate it and all was well but after using it for a few days I saw this and I couldn't help but cry. What happened to my beautiful bag?

    I have to tell you that I carry a lot on my bag and I have lots of stuff inside. Did I do this to my bag?:crybaby:

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  2. Do you have the receipt? If so, that store will handle the repair for you.
  3. Swank, I got the bag from ebay. :sad: Does this mean it is hopeless? I really love this bag.

    Do you think I abused it that's why the straps got like that?

    Am I too blame for what happened to my beautiful bag?:crybaby:
  4. I would only buy a bag w/ a receipt for this very reason.

    You can take it to your local Chanel boutique and they can send it our for repair, but it won't be free if you don't have a recent receipt.
    It's possible you overstuffed it, or weren't careful enough. . . I don't know.
  5. well the most horrifying thing happened in the shop today, i was in chanel boutique looking at the luxe bowler, i tried slinging it over my shoulder and the STRAP BROKE! one of it broke! I WAS like OMG, for a bag that costs so much, i cant believe it broke, i didnt even use any force. now im quite hesitant to buy the bowler.:shrugs:
  6. Take it into Chanel, even without the receipt they will repair it. Repair costs seem to be reasonable and this bag is relatively new, so I wouldn't be surprised if they fixed it at no cost.

    I never had this problem with my luxury bowler.
  7. Wow that was one of my fears w/my bowler. It didn't seem too sturdy where the chain was anchored. I hope that you can get it repaired with no issue!
  8. It wasn't even stuffed! It was empty and it broke? That is totally unacceptable!
  9. Chanel will fix it for a nominal fee. It will probably take a few weeks for them to do it though.
  10. Thanks all for your advice. I will take it to chanel when I have the time.:smile::smile:
  11. oh my i can't believe it ripped like that! i would cry!

    i would pay any money to get it fixed!
  12. the same exact thing happened to my vintage ligne flap. i didn't have a receipt because i bought it 2nd hand...bring it to the chanel store. they can fix it. the Sa told me it usually costs about $30 and takes about 4-6 weeks. I dropped it off about a week or two ago...i'll let you know how it looks. i almost freaked out when i saw'd think that for the price of their bags, the leather would be a little more durable.
  13. Did you get your bag fixed? I just got mine back yesterday...looks brand new :smile:
  14. not yet, we don't have a chanel here in the philippines :sad: have to bring it to hongkong or thailand. I'll update you thanks sweet7babe
  15. what is the bag that's in yor signature? it's gorgeous!