omg help? was i charged for the mirior speedy?

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  1. Ok gals, this past June, I for mere fun, put myself on the wait list for the mirior speedy at my local sf lv store...The SA at 866 told me I most likely wouldnt get one because they were LE and I said Ok.. I mean I knew i had over 6 months to think it over and well, it wouldnt hurt right? So she said she listed me at the sf location and I thought Ok whatever. Last time i wait listed through 866 I never recieved my cerise LE pochette. So I wasnt hoping to get anything...I saw everyone post last week about the Mirior and a tiny tiny part of me wondered I wonder if they actually wait listed me, I didnt call them...I really didnt care.....lo and behold this morning I check my bank statement and it says the following:

    was I charged for the lv mirior speedy??? I mean seriously I didnt even call them and order ANYTHING..I dropped my lv obsession this summer in favor for chanel and sold off my entire collection.

    so that charge HAS to be for the LV mirior..but whats the retail of this bag?

    I wouldnt even keep it once I get it, its too blingy for me. LOL
  2. Umm...I have NEVER had them just charge me for an item without calling me first! I would call and check it out!
  3. I think the Speedy retails for $1330??

    I have had my card run for a bag w/out them calling me beforehand:sad:
  4. It's $1,330 and with the SF tax of 8.50% it would be approx $1443.05.
  5. WOW- They always call me first! That trips me out!

    Well, Congrats on your new speedy! :nuts:
  6. Ugh I was not happy to say the least!!

    It was back when I was on the list for the Azur b4 it came out...I went in on Oct. 31st bc they were going to let me take my Azur Speedy home a day early .

    However, once at the boutique, I decided on an Epi Speedy 30 instead!!

    I told TWO SAs that I did NOT want the Azur...and to NOT charge my CC for it.

    Well, the following morning, my cell phone rings!! It was LV to inform me that they had just charged my card for the Azur Speedy!!

    Luckily, it wasn't a huge deal, but it kinda freaked me out!! LOL
  7. Yeah, they are always good about getting your money back to you. LV is really great. My SA's have just given me courtesy calls mainly really. I get, "Hey, you still want it!?!" LOL :roflmfao:
  8. ^LOL :smile:

    I bet the answer is usually YES!!! :smile:
  9. thanks michelle...i guess im getting a speedy that I dont want LMFAO.

    I have been charged all the time from lv if im listed for a paticular size or color, they will just charge me, I dont think ive ever gotten a call. I think its because I dont work with a paticular SA anymore. I use to work with an SA at dallas, but since I dropped LV for chanel, I stopped calling her and stopped buying from lv along time ago...this is quite surprising lol

  10. Well, you can do two things if you don't want it. Sell it (and make a profit) or return it!?! :yes:
  11. ^^ I was going to say sell it too!
  12. Ill see how this bag looks in person before making a decision....its just too funny to me LOL
  13. if u do get the bag don;t worry i think there are plenty of people on ebay wanting that bag. List it with a reasonable price and someone will buy it.
  14. i guess i'll have to say "Congrats on ur new purchase" then :smile:

    don't really know if that's what u wanna hear...haha
  15. OMG that would have scared the $h!t out of me

    hey i agree sell it... why shouldn't you at least recoup what it cost you, for something you don't even want?