OMG!!!! HELP! I walked into my wet freshly painted wall w/ my baby cabas

  1. There's about a 1/2 an inch of creamy beige paint on my new baby. What to do???????:cursing:
  2. OMG!!!
    Is it still wet???What color?
    Quickly use wet cloth
  3. NO it's dry. I must have done it last night. The bag is black leather. I tried AG cleaner and treatment and I tried to gently scrape it off. It's not working.
  4. Maybe paint thinner? Um, test it out on the inside of the bag first to make sure it doesn't ruin the leather.
  5. OMG.....I think it's not easy to get it off...I am so sorry:sad:
  6. OMG... bring it to a preofessional...
    good luck removing the paint hun....
    i freaked out reading this... i know how much u love this baby :crybaby:

    i'm sorry i can't help u much but agree with purly, try thinner
  8. Did U Try A Wet Cloth?
  9. I say take it a professional you trust. I wouldn't mess with it with chemicals, etc. It's too risky. Good luck.
  10. My husband owns a paint business and says that more than likely whatever you use to remove the paint will remove the leather dye. I suggest nail polish remover rubbed gently, this method removed ink from a white leather Chanel of mine with no need to redye. He recommended taking it a leather repair business and having them remove the paint, then redye the area. Good luck.
  11. yeah, i agree with kitten, anything may remove the dye of the leather too.
    so sorry, take it to a leather professional and see what they say...good luck!
  12. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby: Keep us updated!!!! HUGS!!!!!!:heart:
  13. Send it to chanel ASAP!
    They will fix it! ;)

    Chanel does MIRACLES
  14. OMG..send it to chanel right away...Get some professional help!! Hugs***I know how it feels when our babies get dirty..
  15. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!