, I Have No Idea What To Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

  1. Hello,

    OMG! I am so sorry, but I am in shock. I purchased a fake Dior wallet (not knowing it was fake) off eBay. I discovered it was fake, contacted the seller who agreed to give me a refund, I took pics of the item so I would have it for my records and then returned the item. I never used the item and returned it immediately upon hearing back from the seller (purchased item July 20, 2007, returned August 20, 2007).

    Then, today I got the following email.

    Subject: RE: Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #110149151399
    Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 19:28:13 -0400

    .ExternalClass P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}Hi Becky,

    I have just received the dior clutch today. It is in a horrible condition, the top stiches is broken, the leather has some damage here and there.
    There are also some damage when I opened it.
    It is not in the same condition from the first time I sent you. Also you already kept it for too long.
    I can't give you a full refund. This never happened to me before.
    It's not a large amount of money, I will be more than happy to refund you, but I cannot accept the item in that condition.
    I was about to re-sell it but now nobody gonna buy it. I can only give you 50% refund, or I can send the clutch bag to you.

    Thank you very much, I hope we solve this matter promptly.

    AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I never used the item and am shocked someone would try and pull this kind of thing. What should I do? Any advice would be sincerely appreciated. I know I should have gone through eBay/Paypal, but I wanted to give the seller a chance to rectify the situation. I have posted just some of thew pics I took fo the item prior to mailing it. Help!!!!

  2. how'd you pay?
  3. Update! I requested the seller's info from eBay and when I tried to call the telephone number, it was I have reported her to eBay for that. I can't even believe what a scam artist! I am shocked and so upset. I can't lose my money, I am disabled/terminally ill and this is a lot of money to me personally. What a mess!
  4. I paid by Paypal. Thanks!
  5. If you paid via paypal you NEED to file a claim NOW!!!! You only have 45 days.
    Just curious come it took 30 days for you to purchase & receive item and then send it back? That's a long time!

    File an 'item significantly not as described' claim! You will get your money back minus the shipping fees.
  6. I sent her a response email requesting a full refund by August 29, 2007, letting her know or I will have no choice but to file a Paypal and eBay dispute...should I just go ahead and file? Especially since now I am worried her contact info isn't even real! I also sent her the pics I took of the item prior to shipping it.
  7. Yes, file claims with PP and ebay now.
  8. Hello everyone. It took me so long to send the item back, because I kept sending emails to the seller requesting I send the item back for a refund since it was fake and I never heard back from her....finally I did, and then I shipped the item back (of course, tracking it). She received it according to USPS on Aug 20, 2007 and then sent me that email saying it was damaged when she received it. When I received the item, I took it out of the packaging, noticied it was fake, placed it right back in the packaging and then immediately sent an email to the seller in the exact same condition and packaging I received it within. Thanks for everyone's help!
  9. I think you need to file NOW! As in TODAY! Please trust me, do not give her until Aug. 29. This has happened to me before and it sounds like the exact same scam. Please file immediately so you can get your money back. The fact that the phone # is wrong indicates suspicious behaviour on its own.
  10. File that claim now
    Am so sorry this has happened to you , its very mean of the seller

    I hope it didnt cost too much money , its sickening this happens to lovely people

    pls keep us updated

    really am so sorry to hear you are poorly and this has happened to you
    dont give up now and stay in touch the ladies here are fantastic and will give you every support

  11. Hello everyone,

    ok...I filed an eBay and Paypal dispute...I think on accident I escalated the Paypal dispute to a claim. I completed all of the Paypal dispute info and then it took me to a screen and I completed it, then clicked and it said something about a claim....was this right? I am a little out of it today, since I am not feeling well at all. I also sent the seller an email letting her know that I had to go ahead and file an eBay and Paypal dispute, requesting a refund again. Thanks!
  12. Yep, I just went in and looked under the Paypal resolution center and it says 'complaint' ....what happens now? I just meant to open a dispute.
  13. girlie i am so so sorry that happened to`re on a good way let paypal handle it for you now did what you should have ! *hugs*!
  14. they will probably ask you to authenticate the item, which might be a problem since u sent the bag back...but lets see what they say! and maybe the seller will want to avoid trouble and refund the whole lot !
  15. You did just fine escalating it to a claim - that's perfect. By the way, when you paid via Paypal, did the money come out of your bank account or was it on a credit card?