OMG!!! Hell must have frozen over because Canada's

  1. LV stores had a price DECREASE on their leather goods!!!:wtf::nuts::yahoo:
  2. No way. How much of a decrease???
  3. what???!!?? OMG that's crazy!
    I am sooooooo bummed because I'm visiting the parents in Winnipeg at Christmas and no LV there :sad:
    Now I'm more bummed!

    How much of a decrease Irene?
  4. Yeah, when i bought my perf pochette plat last week they told me that they just reduced the prices. I think it was about $30 less or so.
  5. i would think its worth it, up until canada has huge taxes...better off buying them in the states =)
  6. I bought my fringe speedy back in June for $3800.00 Canadian and it is now $3400.00 Canadian!!!:wlae: The reason I found out is because I decided to exchange the speedy for the bucket and expected to pay a $600.00 difference (the bucket is $4000.00 as of now) but ended up paying $200.00 instead!!!:yahoo:
  7. Why did they decrease the prices??? On everything??
  8. The manager told me it was decreased on leather goods only.:shrugs:
  9. That's AWESOME!! what are the prices compared to the states though, would it be at all worth it to be in the US and buy in Canada, can we even do that??? I'm soooo bad with stuff like this....That's so exciting too! I know exactly how you feel cause when I went to buy my very first LV like 10 years ago or so.....they had just had a price decrease, so I'm like 20 expecting to pay a certain amount that I waited until I could spend that to buy the bag, then to find out it was even cheaper, it's awesome, and rarely happens....
  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Did you the get the white or black bucket? Do take pics for us please.
  11. Yay you got the bucket! I love bucket bags! :love:
  12. wow... congrats LV-addict, is it the same now with the US or still more expensive?
  13. wow!!!! good to know! there's no LV in hfx, but i order from 1-866 and always request the item comes from banff to save some tax (they only have 6% tax now).
  14. LV No more fringed speedy???? WHA HAPPENED?
  15. Kathy, I got the white one! I should have it by tomorrow or Friday the latest (it's coming from Montreal). I will post pics as soon as I have it!:yes: