OMG - Have you seen this Platimo Medium Indy???

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  1. if you love it, then go for it - but to "flashy?" to me
  2. Neat! But SO EXPENSIVE! Haha. The corners are cool looking.
  3. haha, I love flash!

    The only problem is that it is too small. I like big bags, so am now eyeballing the large square hysteria bag in the GG crystal fabric..
  4. Wow! That's an awesome purse!
  5. I agree it is a tad small for my taste- but still GORGEOUS!!!
  6. it's pretty
  7. Gorgeous!!! I like that size but I just don't think I can carry it well - it's quite flashy.
  8. But you can carry it - and with each move, it will gleam - bling, bling - haha
    think of all the stares you will get!
  9. ooo i love it!