OMG Have you all seen the new Le Superbe!!!!!!!

  1. This bag is absolutely TDF:drool::drool::drool::drool:

    I don't think i have heard anyone mention it on here before! I have to get this!
    Le Superbe.jpg
  2. gorgeous but too much for my wallet...
  3. That's gorgeous! I'm saving my $$ for a suhali speedy though...and if that doesn't ever come out, a black Le Fab :p
  4. It's the first time I have seen this bag but I'm not crazy about it..
  5. I noticed the small update.. *sigh* I wish Suhali wasn't so expensive. I couldn't justify paying £1000+ for a bag. It'll never happen for me.. :crybaby:
  6. The Suhali line is so amazing, every bag just looks like perfection! That bag is TDF.
  7. it looks good but i wonder why they didn't make the corners metal like the others :confused1:
  8. it's beautiful :girlsigh:
  9. It doesn't wow me, honestly. I think the beautiful goatskin leather and shiny brass hardware of the Suhali line are too elegant to be put on a bowling bag.
  10. I was wondering that too! I can't wait to is it IRL though, i am so excited!
  11. Yup I noticed that they don't do that for the new designs anymore. The lockits look so plain to me after all the bling of the old series.

    Does anyone know if there are any negative feedback about the metal corners? Like does it scratch easily or what? Why do LV not put them on anymore?
  12. I agree with people here, even though the bags are nice IMO the suhali line bags shouldn't be 'smooshy' and look much more refined and classy when structured and combined with the hardwear. Nonetheless these bags are still to die for.
  13. ditto
  14. Oo i'm loving the new Suhali items :smile:
  15. How much is it? Gorgeous