OMG! Have i been carrying fake for the past 4 years!?!?!?

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  1. Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! I am sofa king mad and speechless!!!! This happened last week but i am finally getting OK to share it w/my supportive tPFers:crybaby: After sending out my sonatine for lining replacement (paid 160) 2 months ago, finally received a call to pick it up from store, I was all happy to reunite w/my lovely Sonatine, but discovered the lining wasn't changed, so i ask one of the SA what's going on since my SA wasn't working that day. The SA replied: Oh K___, didn't tell you over the phone? The shop didn't change the lining b/c it's not authentic.
    ....:wtf: WHAT THE f_____ are you talking about it's NOT authentic:censor: ? Sure it's my first LV from eBay, but the seller was reputable, MPRS authenticated, AND YOU (the same SA break the shocking news to me) personally confirmed the authenticity when i brought in the store back then:noggin: , not to mention the detailed checking K___ did when she fill out the paper work:boxing:!!!!! Just as I was about to thank GOD at least there's no one else in the store, my BF's mom and sis stepped in the store *faints*....needless to say, I left the sotre asap after exchange a brief conversation w/them....was too shocked and embrassed to ask SA more detail questions....:crybaby:

    But how could this be? Both MPRS and LV SA confirmed the authenticity, Sonatine came w/LV boutique receipt (yet to locate), dust bag, box, got the correct heat stamp, date code placement, patina over SA even sold a Sonatine to a girl in store by showing her how pretty it look after patina w/mine sonatine.....

    Arrrrrrrggggghhhh!!! So what the heck am I suppose to do now? The lining is in even worse shape then it was before i send in the shop-it had bubbles in some palces, but now the there's more bubbles, and wrinkled edges...... What about the $ I paid to change the lining? Should I get another one? Should I get a second opinion? I don't even have the courage to step in store anymore b/c it's just too embrassing for me to face SAs who knew I carried *gasp* F A K E, even one of them confirmed the authenticity for me!

    I am trying to dig out the receipt that came w/sonatine, Paypal receipts for the seller and MPRS authentication service, but it's been 4 years, i doubt it will do me any good even if i were to locate them all.
  2. Do you have pics of this??

    I think john and Rebecca or others, could have a look at the bag for you...
  3. Could you post pics?? I would love to see the bag - maybe we can figure it out.
  4. WOW I am really sorry to hear this! It all seems like such a jacked up situation... I hope you get something resolved
  5. OMG. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. I am sure you must feel very confused! I am frankly confused as well how it got passed the SA and there was an LV receipt for the purchase!?! Makes my stomach turn for ya!
  6. BTW - They should have refunded your money.
  7. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say because I don't have any expereince with this. Hopefully somone on this board can help you. Hang in there, and I hope you can find the receipt!!!
  8. sorry this had to happen to you...if you can find the receipt and maybe get it authenticated by john and rebecca and lee, that might help. i think you should get your money back since they didn't do anything to your sonatine.
  9. Wow... what a crabby situation. i hope you get the mess figured out. maybe they made a mistake! i hope it turns out to be real!!!!
  10. yeah pics would help, some sa's have no clue...
  11. oh sorry to hear that it's happening to you. it can happen to any one of us out here at the tPF. i hope LV and the others here can sort it out for you.
  12. I am too embrassed at this time to ask the store for refund about the payment...trying to dig out my old pix of sonatine....DC ate all my batteries :crybaby: just my luck *sigh*

    Edit: these are the two old ones, will post close up as soon as i find more battery to feed DC
    Part of my anger came from the SA who confirmed the authenticity for me, why the heck you tell me is real when LV repair shop said it's not!? Also another senior who is in charged of repair, when she check sonatine in DEATILS (for those of you who send in repairs should know) while filing out paper works, she should've discover it's not authenticate.
    S4300243_大小 .JPG S4300242_大小 .JPG
  13. Oh My Classic Chic!! :crybaby:

    So so sorry...
    I don't know what to say to console you right now, even if it is (eek) a fake, at least you have 4 years out of it.

    I totally feel your pain...
    A similar incident happened to me on a Prada bag.
    First and last time I bought anything eBay...

    Since it's been 4 years already, I don't know if you can still file a claim, so the next thing to do is :mad: BURN :mad: that darn thing... And if you can, get something that will fill the hurt and void.

    Just throw it out and put this behind you. If it didn't kill you, it only made you stronger, girlie girl!!!

    Walk back into that store with your head held high.
    We're right behind you! :party:

  14. It is your money - don't be afraid to ask for it back.

    Does it look like they removed the lining?
  15. That sucks! Sorry to hear that..
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