OMG, Have anyone seen this Miroir on Ebay yet?

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  1. Oh my. that's horrendous. I'm not too knowlegdeable about the Miroir line, but I'd say that is a figgety fake.
  2. YUCK! scroll to the bottom of the listing and click on report this item take this horrible fakey faker down!

  3. wow, how terrible. the good thing is, i actually think the miroir is very hard to be faked well.
  4. That looks so bad!!! It's not even shiny enough to be called miroir!!:wtf: :roflmfao: I really hope someone dosen't get suckered.
  5. looks so ugly :sick:
  6. What a fugly fake. I can't believe the gall of these eBay scammers!
  7. we have a sticky thread specifically for fakes to be posted in:yes:
    Check the LV Shopping Forum.
  8. I reported it and sent him/her a message.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.