OMG has anyone seen this?

  1. Picture 2.png
  2. Can't view the photo, percephonie, and the link just goes to the front page?
  3. that's so funny! :lol:
  4. Oh no can you still not see the photo?
  5. here's the pic, incase anyone's having trouble opening it.
  6. I tried reloading it, hope it works now!

    Oh just saw your post esile lol! Thanx!
    Picture 2.jpg
  7. ^ thanks girls! How funny!!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. ....interesting...
    I think it was clinique who had give aways that always reminded me of the LV Vernis line a while back.
  10. ^^yah, I thought that too! funny!
  11. Wow, when did MJ Multipocket get down and dirty with Balenciaga Hobo? Their offspring is er.. not so purty.
  12. Lol! Riiiiigggghhtttt....:roflmfao: