OMG...has anyone had experience with this and can help me ?

  1. I was carrying my black city today and I usually carry a mini-sized perfume bottle with me and today somehow after I used some of it earlier, I never capped it back on securely and when I got home right now, I found that half of the perfume bottle emptied out inside the bag and now i'm worried that this will damage the color somewhat since it's alcohol based perfume:crybaby:

    What should I do ? I was thinking of letting the bag air out and to see if the perfume will evaporate ? I'm just really worried this will make the color change in the one area that it spilled mostly on.......:cursing:

    anyone have any advice on what to do ?
  2. anyone ? I'm kinda having a semi-panic attack. :hysteric:
  3. No experience but sending you good Bbag wishes! :flowers:
  4. aww, thank you so much babyclouds !
    i'm hoping that letting it air will be evaporate some of the perfume but i'm worried about the perfume being alcohol based and maybe lifting some of the color :crybaby:
  5. Hmm ... I think I would set the bag upside down so the lining isn't completely flat with the bag's leather and see if it would dry out. Maybe also try using a hair dryer, on the cool setting to dry it out faster?
  6. I think it is a really good thing your bag is black! Did the leather actually get wet - can you see a difference?
  7. I have the bag open on it's side! When I feel the cloth lining it's pretty wet.
    When I touch the outside of the leather i can't feel anything but it's very saturated inside the bag. :sad:
  8. nope. it doesn't even feel wet from the outside but you can definitely feel it inside. I'm guessing it hasn't touched the leather yet but I just smelled the leather on the bottom of the bag and it definitely smells like the perfume..:s
  9. I think you'll be okay - but lesson learned for me - no perfume in the bag! (no pen either) I do carry hand sanitizer (which also has alcohol). :hrmm: Good luck - let us know how it looks tomorrow!
  10. I REALLY hope you like that perfume, it seems like you might smell it forever. I would have been afraid that the alcohol would have affected the leather but you say it doesn't feel wet on the outside. Good luck and please let us kow what happens!
  11. ugh! good luck. Try to have the lining stay as much separated for the leather as you can. Thank god it's black.
  12. It should be fine, even with the perfume's alcohol content. It probably didn't even soaked thru to the surface leather at all. I haven't dumped perfume but a huge bottle of water emptied into my ink work. I thought I had set my bag on top of something wet after feeling some wetness on the bottom, when I realized everything inside was either submerged or floating in my bag. I was surprised the bag held practically all the water in. lol. There was absolutely no change in the bag's leather or it's bottom. My treo didn't look so good though.
  13. Oh, I know! I don't carry pens in any of my bags anymore ( doesn't matter if they're cheap bags or bbags, I hate to have a useless bag all because of a pen ). And yes, the perfume took me by surprise because I have always been carrying it with me...I was just lucky that today instead of carrying my usual sky blue city bag..i switched out for my black one this morning. It was like fate to not ruin my precious sky blue city! :love: I think it's safe to not carry anything that can spill inside a $1,000 bag.

    I'll definitely let you guys know how it goes tomorrow morning.
  14. Yea, the smell is really saturated inside. I just picked up my bag to swift it with some air and I just got a big wave of the perfume. I think had I not come home and instead continued to run errands the WHOLE perfume would've spilled inside the bag, instead of half of the bottle that did. I gotta think could've been much worse.:Push:
  15. wow, glad everything turned out well with the water catastrophe. I would've much liked the water inside my bbag to be honest. gotta wait until it dries to see what damage was left.