OMG Guess What!!!

  1. I went to my Louis Vuitoon store today and changed my monogram cles for the groom cles now my groom colection is complete :nuts: im so exited i also bough a V magazine wich has 2 huge LV adds TDF the one it the picture is kate moss:heart: and I also have the price for the black alligator alma in the xmaz catalogue it will be around 8k and guess whats comming out better than the playstation 3 the first of December?
    yeah you guesed it the new metalic LV Speedy and colection :drool: im so gonna get something! and also is anyone on the watinglist for the bag with the gold earphones?
    LV pictures Galore!!!:graucho:

    my groom collection and new groom cles!
    and heres the metalic speedy!
    and ofcourse the headphones bag!

  2. Congrats on your groom! I love the little guy!

    I love the mirror line. You can search the threads and find a ton of photos of it!!
  3. Congrats on you new purchase...

    So lovely Groom family :nuts:
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. The alligator Alma is $8K ... that seems pretty inexpensive for an alligator LV!
  6. yup better than the birkin!:nuts:
  7. :yahoo: Congrats :yahoo:
    I also love GROOM...really cute :love:
  8. The groom is sooo cute, good choice!:nuts:
  9. I was told they weren't making the headphones bag because of their concern about it's durabilty (as in the headphones holding up the bag).
  10. well they better :cursing:
  11. congrats!
  12. congrats!
  13. A HEADPHONES bag? Are they serious? :yucky:
  14. That's what I heard too. :shrugs:
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