OMG - guess what just showed up!?!?!?

  1. So I know some of you will remember a few months ago when NM cancelled my "distressed choco Edith" - so I gave up hope and moved on. So today i'm getting ready to leave the house and guess what shows up - CHOCOLATE EDITH!!! It's SUPER distressed - and really dark (thank god!) - now I don't know what to do. I bought a chocolate Muse to fill the gap of not getting my chocolate Edith - but now I can't keep both! I'm really torn though because I think I may actually love the chocolate Edith more than the whiskey one!


    p.s. thanks to everyone that tried to help me land a choco baby btW!
  2. have a difficult decision!!! Pictures please ;) !!! Comparative ones too :biggrin:.

    Congrats in advance! (and how bizarre of that store!! )
  3. I'm leaving for a little vaca today! But i'll post once i get there and photo's when I get back.

    Damn that NM - now i'm really torn. The chocolate bag is so beautiful - I can't imagine sending it back - but do I need 2 Edith's over one Edith and one Muse? aarrrggg!!
  4. Beaux that is absolutely hilarious!!! :lol::lol: Must post pics!!

    I agree I totally fell for the choco over whiskey - definitely IRL situation because the choco pics didn't do anything for me. But whiskey is better on a pedestal than in my hand....

    so THAT part is EASY.... but sounds like you're double screwed deciding on the Muse! (said with best intentions) :angel: So is it just an Edith that's leaving, or is Muse on the block?
  5. I just don't know! DH hates my muse - and thinks that the Edith is more "me". The chocolate Edith is so much better IRL! I really thought the whiskey was for me - but it turns out that the chocolate is really the one that has my heart.
  6. You gals are killing me! I am now wondering if the whiskey is more me than my grey! STOP THE SICKNESS!:biggrin: :lol:
  7. I'll be salivating waiting for your pics to post! You can't snap just ONE to satisfy our lust? Is that too much to ask? I mean, WE helped you wait this out, offered our empathy and all that! LOL!!

    I am glad you got a good one after such a long wait. You can always return Whiskey Edith if possible or sell it on ebay. Or return the Muse. I agree that Edith is more me than the chocolate Muse, but I still love the Muse.
  8. Oops BTW congrats on the find!
  9. Truly girlie, they're like a toy prize - you must collect all 4!! (or is it 5??)
  10. :lol: :lol:
  12. Oh Wow! What great luck! Have fun on the vacation and post pics soon as you get back!
  13. ^^^Me too. I love both of them. They're very different bags. I do wish my chocolate was a tad bit darker. It's beautiful - but yours really set the mark high!

    I have this week to decide what to do....
  14. Beaux, I am dying to see pics; give me a life, LOL! I carried my large Muse today for the first time and dang it's a heavy bag! I usually don't complain about heavy bags but this one made my forearm sore. Can't imagine toting around the oversize.

    As for choco Edith, I'm sure she is every bit as beautiful as you say, and knowing your standards, she'd be in a box en route to her mother ship if you weren't happy! If you can keep all three (Whiskey, Choco and Muse) it would be ideal!!

    By the way, if I recall, didn't you get your Muse for 20% off from NM online because they canceled your Edith order? Did you reorder, or did they just forget to cancel it out of their system? They canceled my backorder when I managed to score my choco online, and so far, no additional Choco has appeared on my doorstep!
  15. ^^^I still don't get it. I cancelled my backorder - so i'm not sure how the order was filled? I'd love to keep all of them - but I think DH would have a heartattack.
    As for the Muse - I always carry mine on my shoulder. I don't think I could carry it on my arm (it's too big for that).
    To make matters worse (kill me now) - I also have a Ivory Muse that should be arriving next week too.
    I need to make up my mind what i'm keeping!!!!