1. first it was just the cerises speedy and the panda cles. But what I haven't told anyone is that I've also been buying other stuff here and there...:shocked:

    Presenting...the newest additions to my LV family!!!

    Cerises Speedy and Panda Cles
    Epi Speedy 25 in Red
    Monogram Mini Pochette Accessoires
    Cerises Pochette and Cerises Porte-Monnaie Rond
    heat-stamped Damier luggage tag
    and my first multicolore item, the Carnet de Bal! It's soooo cute!!!

    Sorry for the multiple pics! I just wanted to show my items in different combinations and I also wanted to show those who like to match their items how I think the regular monogram and the red epi go well together.

    Also, for those who wanted to see what other wallets can match LV, I've included a picture of a Kate Spade Bexley wallet that I think complements the red well, and some size comparison pics.

    I've also included these pics into my showcase:

    Thanks for letting me share!!!!!
    cherrypanda2.jpg epiacc.jpg epitagmulti.jpg epicherries.jpg all.jpg epikate.jpg epikate2.jpg sizecompare.jpg sizecompare2.jpg
  2. You've been busy!! Wow, everything is gorgeous, and coordinates perfectly! Congrats :flowers:
  3. Oooooohhhhhhhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cerises speedy!!!!!!!!!!!:love:

    Everything there you bought is totally hot but you've just officially made my cerises-speedy-admiration turn into full-blown LUST!!!!!:P

    May I ask where you got it from? Ebay? Ooooh I can't buy one I just bought a vernis bag lol but but but it's so PRETTY!!!:love:

  4. woah you've got some collection there! congrats!
  5. Quite a haul! Congrats!
  6. You've been a busy little shopping bee!!
    Love it all!
  7. Wow:nuts: Congrats! I love the Speedys!
  8. You're so lucky, congrats! You have great taste!
  9. OHHHH!!! I love everything, wow, somebody has been doing extreme shopping! Congrats!
  10. O.M.G.!!! :amazed:

    I love everything! where did you get the cerises round purse? I've been looking for one everywhere! Great buys! and the cerises speedy is in great condition. Enjoy them! :yes:
  11. It's a good amount huh! I get a little surprised looking at it! But I didn't all just buy it in one go...I've accumulated it for a bit and just decided to post them all in one go. Makes it look a little crazier that way! =) Makes me want to rename this as Holy Cow I've been Buying Stuff!
  12. hahaha! cutest thread title EVER!

    you hit the jackpot, GREAT stuff!!
  13. I love the Cerises Speedy of course! But the Red Epi is so cute!!! HMMMM
  14. LOVE EVERYTHING!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yes:
  15. Im going to LV to pick up the RED EPI!

    Im still contemplating if I should get the gold or palladium (silver) hardware.

    gorgeous collection btw!