OMG, guess what? I found a Grey Mayfair!!!!!!!!

  1. I have been searching high and low for one after seeing Joke’s pics. Since then I’ve called almost every Nordies in search for one but after repeatedly being told it was sold out, I gave up. But out of the blue a Nordies SA called me up today and told me she found one!!!!:nuts: I of course immediately gave her my credit info and my new baby will arrive next week. I think it was less than $350 but I can't remember :p WOOHOO!!!!:party:

    Ladies, never give up hope on your bag hunts!!
  2. Congrats! soo lucky! i love the Mayfair!
  3. What a great deal! I thought that bag in the Grey was extinct! So that makes two Mayfairs for you?? :graucho:
    Please post pics when you get her!
  4. Congrats! You got it for a steal!!
  5. Wow alfie, you are on a roll!!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you. Definitely post pictures when she arrives :smile:
  6. Fantastic price!!! Your hard work paid off. Congrats alfie!!!:tup:
  7. Very cool. What a pleasant call to receive! Enjoy your Mayfair. It is a lovely bag.
  8. Haha yeah I've been giving my wallet a bit of a work out. I will most definitely post pics when it comes :okay:
  9. such a great deal! congrats!
  10. Awesome, congrats!!
  11. wow- congrats alfie. i am really jealous :sad: i've been searching for a grey mayfair for months now. enjoy her!!!
  12. Aww, just keep on checking with Nordies and I'm sure one would show up. Good things come to those who wait :yes:
  13. thanks- oh i wait. haha. please post modeling pix when she comes!!! i cant wait to see :drool::drool:
  14. congratulations!!! such a great deal on both mayfairs. please post pics!!
  15. Congrats, Alfie! Can't wait to see pics! And you know that if you want to unload one or both some time in the future, I'd give her/them a good home! :p