Omg Guess What!?!?!?!?! Gustto Baca

  1. i'm SO excited!!!! i've been buying bags lately that i haven't been thrilled with...SO, i returned one bag and had stashed some money away and today i decided to look at better bags...i checked out balenciaga (not totally blown away) and then i looked at some prada (loved the gauffre but want a black one and will wait until fall) and then i saw the GUSTTO BACA in SEAFOAM is GORGEOUS!!!! i fell totally in love! on top of it, the store is having a friends and family discount, so i got the bag for 20% OFF!!!!! it's awesome and i love it!! any gustto baca fans out there? let me know!!!!
    thanks!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. pix pix pix
  3. SEAFOAM GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have never seen a baca in that color!!!! :smile: pics PLEASE! :smile:

    I love love love my baca amaaaazing leather!
  4. Where did you buy it? I love the baca and would love to see it in seafoam green....
  5. Would love to see pics!!!!
  6. as soon as it gets here i will post pictures!!!!
    bessie, good to see you here!!! i forgot to wish you a happy bday when you turned 23!!! the bag is AMAZING...the color is just GORGEOUS!!!!
  7. :smile: AW thankks yay birthdays!!!
    good to see you too!!! :smile: how ya been!?

    where did u get the bag? In Mass? or ?

    o my god i cant wait to see it cause ive never seen it in a green

    does the store have a website we can see a stock pic on haha !!! I HAVE ANTS IN MY PANTS TO SEE IT :smile:
  8. ME TOO!!!
  9. SEAFOAM GREEN? Man, that sounds like a scrumptious bag. Um, where did you find this again?
  10. Wow! Seafoam! Like the rest of the Gusttoteers, I am dying to see pics! Congrats on your purchase, you will love your Baca... I adore this bag, such great leather, and such a fun squishy shape.
  11. I'd love to see the green color too! I love my Baca (in plain old brown...LOL) but I have to see that cool color in that squishy leather. Post pics right away!!!
  12. I've been all over the net looking for it in that color. I can't find it anywhere, so it looks like you've got a FIND. Now we really can't wait for pictures! :yahoo:
  13. hehe ohh it will be like the red one i have, one of a kinda maybe!! :smile: I havent seen either color (seafoam or the red i have) ONLINE ANYWHERE EVER!!!!!

  14. as soon as it arrives, pics will be forthcoming!!! YAY!!!!
  15. *brings out the ant spray*