OMG! Guess what email I received!!!

  1. OMG!!! I placed the order just this morning with AlohaRag, called them to ask if they received my email, sent back the order form pronto, and a few hours later after dinner this was sitting in my mailbox!

    I checked the Fedex website and the expected delivery date is Sep 27!!!

    I'm jumping up and down now - I can't wait to hold the little thing in my hands!

    I'm finally going to stop being a Bal virgin :smile:
    Just had to share my excitement! :yahoo:
  2. Wow, so fast! Congratulations, I'm so excited for you!
  3. wow.. super fast! What are you expecting in that box travelling towards you right now?
  4. Yeah... what'd ya get???!!!
  5. ^ I wanna know too!!
  6. Wow, that was fast! I have been waiting for something I bought for like 2 almost 3 weeks already! Congratulations! What did you get!
  7. :flowers: Yes, don't keep us waiting! What is your little bundle of joy?:flowers:
  8. She was so excited she forgot to tell us what she has coming! ha! how cute!Impsola, does Aloharag usually take that long?
  9. Very cool! Yes please tell us what you're getting! We're all dying to know.
  10. Omg, what did you buy? :nuts: Do tell!!
  11. :yahoo: :wlae:
  12. So happy for you!
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: This is funny!! She was so excited she forgot to tell us what it's in the box!!!
  14. I'm guessing a White City (after a little detective work). ;)
  15. LOL - you're sharp!

    Yup I was soo excited I forgot to mention it was a white city in that little box making its way to me right now:yahoo::yes::nuts:
    I was sooo happy when I called Aloha Rag and they said they still had white cities in stock - I was in NY over the weekend, and I dragged a friend to almost every store on 5th Ave and they were all sold out!