OMG!!!! gryson for target already in my store!

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  1. This is quick because I am on my blackberry, but the grysons are in my target. Felt them and not to impressed. Kind of feel like the basketweaves would break easily and the satchel handles are rough and would hurt. I haapened to nbe there for a gift and there they were!
  2. Wow! I guess I'll have to take a trip to my local Target tomorrow. I own a Gryson and wanted to see what they came up with for the "Target Gryson's"
  3. oh wow.. that's faster than we all expected.. i need to make a quick trip as well.. :biggrin:
  4. I just saw that someone already has one of them listed on Ebay! That was quick!
  5. oh wow, thats fast!! I wish I had a target so I could go look. they are great looking bags, but if they're not quality i don't think i'd buy one.