OMG, Gryson bags are now targets!

  1. A friend of mine linked this to me, and I thought you ladies would want to now about this.

    Muggers to start targeting Gryson bags in Fort Greene?

    [​IMG]No longer the sanctum of the "non-for-profit sector" (see 2:26PM comment) workers who found Fort Greene to once be very liveable and affordable, this Brooklyn Eagle crime blotter listing proves it.

    To quote, "An purse-snatcher grabbed a woman’s handbag as she was heading home early on Feb. 2. The 31-year-old victim was walking along Carlton Avenue, near Lafayette Avenue, at around 1 am, when a man wearing a dark blue jacket asked for her help. The woman, rightly suspicious, said she couldn’t help him and kept walking. The criminal decided to eschew tricking her, and simply ran behind her and grabbed her bag from her arm as he went past.
    There were credit cards, a monthly Metrocard, and ID cards inside the purse, but the most valuable thing was the bag itself — it was a Gryson bag, worth $715, cops said."
    For those, like me, who dont' know what a Gryson bag looks like, see picture to the left, grabbed from the Neiman Marcus website.

    It doesn't necessarily say that all muggers are looking for Grysons, but it means they caught our poorly-hidden secret: we invest a good chunk of our money into our bags! Self- defense classes, anyone? :bagslap:
  2. hmm I doubt most muggers know the value of bags unless it's emblazoned with LV logos. They prob couldn't tell a real from a fake. I bet he just wanted what was inside the bag. People like that are scum and will try to take anything and everything.
  3. I said this before in another thread, but never fight someone who might have a weapon or could potentially hurt you - you never know what they are willing to do especially if they are on drugs like PCP or Meth that send adrenaline rishing through the blood making them resistant to pain and stronger than they would normally be.

    The BF has a family all in insurance, his cousin does high end luxury insurance for jewelry, handbags, precious metals, etc. and says any woman who owns a bag that costs more than they are willing to lose or replace should have them insured. In most cases of theft and accident you can have them replaced!
  4. That is really scary. It makes you wonder what you should leave the house carrying on your shoulder these days.
  5. I also don't think most men have any clue about handbags and this guy probably wanted the contents. It is scary though.
  6. Agreed, I don't think it was the Gryson bag that was the target, he probably had no idea and may have even discarded it after collecting the contents :sick:
  7. I have to agree. I have alot of Grysons and while I adore them they aren't a bag that screams "Steal me...I'm expensive". Even my Red Tutu which costs much much more than anything I have in it. I think the muggers are more likely to steal a fake LV or Coach with the logos.
  8. Lexie2000, can I ask what part of WV you are from? My parents are on the family farm in Bolt (well, my mom, stepdad, and little brother) and my Mom is originally from Oak Hill. I went to HS in Beckley, my brother in Fairdale, and I went to college in Charleston - maybe we have some mutual aquaintances?
  9. I live in the Upper Panhandle Slidegirl. Just 3 minutes from Pa and 9 minutes from Ohio. We really have only ventured down to Charleston once. Sorry, I have not heard of Bolt.
  10. i live in brooklyn and although i dont live in that neighborhood, there has been a rise in muggings since new years in all of broooklyn (in areas both good and bad, the rich neighborhoods of brooklyn esp. because muggers expect the people walking around to be carrying more valuble stuff and wallets with more $-they are prob right)

    I doubt the person in ft .greene who took this bag at 1am could tell the brand in the dark, and decided oh thats worth a lot, I think its more likely that since she was a female alone at 1am she was an easy taarget.

    These muggers have realized that its easier to snatch a purse with everytihng inside (cell, keys, wallet) then to mug someone without a purse that they have to wait for them to empty their pockets.

    A lot more muggings have been taking place in brooklyn, some at knife pt, some at gun point, and a bunch have been targeting women alone at night and they are targeted by at least 5 large men , even without a wepon that could be a very dangerous situation

    If i run to the store at say 1am, i never carry a bag just a few $$s in my pocket and i am VERY aware of whats near me, luckily i live in the safest area in brooklyn and near lots of 24 hour stuff so there are more people around if something went wrong, but if i am coming home from somewhere out with friends at night dressed up with a purse, or after a few drinks i ALWAYS get a cab-for me its worth the extra $ to know i get home safe with all my stuff

    just be careful out there especially my other brooklyn and city girls, dont think it cant happen to you cause these muggers lately are after anyone who's alone at night

    i dont walk around in fear i just walk around aware and i know when it is and isnt a smart move to be walking all alone