OMG - got wrong CL shoes in the post!

  1. Oh dear, don't ever trust your men with your shoe purchases ! It's all going to be pear shaped for sure!

    I asked my OH to order CL Pigalle me from the US because we couldn't get them anywhere in Europe. He callled several stores in the States and finally the Saks Fifth Avenue told him that they got Pigalles in black patent in my size (37.5). He ordered them for me for Christmas party which is next SAturday. I received the shoes via FedEx courier yesterday. Fortunately no customs charges for me this time. When I opened the box though, much to much horror I saw Decollete in black patent leather but not Pigalles which was ordered.:cursing:

    Ok, the shoes are beautiful, no doubt, but the size - they are way too small for me because I need at leat size 38 if not 38.5 because they run so small.

    I'm fuming and absolutely gutted. My OH is down with a flu so talking to him now is pointless. He just said that maybe I should try to wear these to the Christmas party, but after I managed to squeeze to feet in the shoes I felt pain after standing in them for tem minutes especially the left foot, the toes were curled and deformed. I wish he doubleckecked with the SA that it's Pigalle not something else. I kept repeating that to him ad nauseum. Grrrr... :cursing: Ok, rant is over.

    But what do I do now? He paid $610, surely it's not good to write them off as bad luck. I doubt they accept these back even though it was their mistake. Any opinions please? :woohoo:
  2. I certainly think you can return them. Most stores accept returns on unworn shoes. They are a beautiful shoe and worth having in any Christian Louboutin collection, but if they are the wrong size they must be returned! They do indeed run small. After seeing them in person, would you consider exchanging them for one in your size? From what I remember, I do not think Saks has the black patent Pigalle. Maybe you can try European stores/boutiques? Having a deadline makes the search even more stressful!

    BTW, take it easy on your OH. I think it was a sweet gesture that he made the effort to order the shoes. I do not say it just because he is ill, but because his intentions were in the right place.
  3. Pigalles at a Christmas party? I like how you think.
  4. They will definitely accept the return or an exchange if you prefer to try and get them in a larger size. I personally like the Pigalles more then the decollete. Hope it works out for you!
  5. i personally prefer the decolletes and would wear them to a christmas party instead, i'm not so sure about the pigalles but they are fab shoes for everyday, just not to a party imo. the decolletes are so sexy but it's true that they run very small and are infamously uncomfortable. go with your heart, don't succumb to circumstances! give a call to the Saks store your shoes came from and talk to the SA directly there instead of going through your OH, get the contact details from him so you don't have to trouble him and then there will be no miscommunication since you'll be speaking directly to the SA who sent the wrong shoes. good luck!
  6. First of all sorry to hear about the mishap! If you got them from Saks then you should most certainly be able to return them w/o any problems (I know it's a hassle mailing it back, especially when it's from overseas). Was it the black patent Pigalle 120 you were looking for? Saks as a company never actually bought that shoe (to date). If a customer just asks for "Pigalle" over the phone, chances are the SA answering the call will take it to mean the black patent 4-inch "Pigalle 100" with sculpted heel, which they did order (although mostly all sold out and quite impossible to find now)....or they may take it to mean the "Pigalle 70" (kitten-heel Pigalle black patent pump). Unfortunately not all Saks shoe SA's are that familiar with CL shoe names & such, so when ordering by phone you often have to double-check the heel height, shoe cut, material, etc. in-detail.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. Really appreciate you moral suppport. I've been under the weather myself for the past few days. So haven't had a chance to call Saks or try the shoes again. I think I was rather harsh on my hubby, you are right LavenderIce. Because he meant well and did ask for Pigalle black patent 5 inch origianal stiletto (ad nauseum, several times I can confirm because I heard him speaking on the phone myself). :woohoo:

    They are classy and very pretty indeed. My husband told me to try them again and see whether I can wear them, because he likes them a lot (I like it:p, I need to lobby him and promote CL shoes as much possible - this is a cunning plan to enlist his support to get more! :roflmfao:)

    It's like from the Cinderella tale, but I don't feel like Cinderella but actually one of her bad sisters with big feet because the shoes look so tiny and I had to squeeze them so hard to put them one! LOL
  8. Maybe you can see if you can get them stretched a bit :shrugs:
  9. Sorry to hear about this.

    Not sure if it is much help now, but I got a pair of black patent pigalle from Selfridges in London last week. They had a new delivery in on the 16th November. Give them a call, they might have your size. Good luck.
  10. I'm so sorry. The sizing of CL shoes is so weird that it's almost impossible to buy the right size without trying them on first.
  11. Jo, definitely return them. I think the decolettes are a gorgeous, classic shoe, but they indeed are one of the most punishing shoes for some.

    Louboutin in Paris always seem to have pigalles in stock, but you'll have to be willing to take whatever color they have. Perhaps if you don't have your heart set on a particular pair, give them a ring?
  12. Elise thanks for the tip. I called Selfridges and the SA I spoke to was quite contradictory. I has that they had black leather Pigalle in size 38 but not patent. But he told me to call me later this week. Have you got 12 cm (5inch) original stiletto shoes or 10 cm (4inch)?

    Fatefullotus - I agree, the Decollete are not comfortable. But I think it's a bit boring to send it back for a refund back to the US. I'm watching an auction on eBay (Decollete black leather): and they are going for quite high. So maybe if the worst comes to the worst I'll sell them on ebay.
  13. Jo-Mitzi, no problem. I think I have the 4 inch, but am not sure. I think they are the same height as the Very Prive.

    It's wierd the SA should say that, as when I went I wanted the Pigalle in leather and they only had them in patent.

    I am going there at lunchtime today to pick up some Very Prive's so I will ask for you then, they will probably be more helpful face to face.

    I'll let you know once I get back this afternoon if they have them.
  14. Elise, have you seen the Pigalles in Selfriges? Sorry to bug you. But just in case you managed to find out.. :yes:
  15. Oh, forgot to mention, Saks didn't send me the CL red sleeper bag with my order. Another cock up. I was so upset to discover the shoes were wrong and not the right size that I completely forgot about the red bag. Oh dear, how bad is that? :tdown:

    Fuming.... :cursing: