OMG!!!!GORGEOUS Dolma Work

  1. gorgeous!!!! thanks for posting, fendihunter!!!
  2. I wonder if the seller is a PF'er.:shrugs: That eBay ID sounds familiar.
  3. she's a longtime seller of authentic (and droolworthy) bbags

    omg dream bag!
  4. I bought my Taupe City from her a while back and she is one of the THE nicest sellers I have ever encountered. Truly one of the best.
  5. ACK, that's the same lovely seller i got my dolma city from & i've never seen one in the work style!!! :wtf::choochoo::shocked:
  6. OMG!!!:drool: I'd love this but have no money right now!!
  7. OMG to die for dolma and work size :hrmm:
  8. This is gorgeous :drool: :drool: :drool: I wish i had lots of money right now.:crybaby:
  9. WOW. i'm speechless. :wtf::drool::drool:

    where's my sugar daddy when i need him?! :hysteric:
  10. wow, this is so so pretty!!! :heart:
  11. Purty color and a Work too :hysteric: OOOOh, PLEASE KILL MEEEEEEE:crybaby: I WANT IT:hysteric: :crybaby: Why doesn't money grow on trees :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. because God is a MAN, thats why.:push:
  13. SO TRUE...:nuts:
  14. Hehehehehehehehe :true: