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  1. I've been lemming after the Nfu Oh holo's for the longest time, and finally managed to get my hands on one as well as the Nfo Uh aqua base. What a disaster! It didn't matter how I applied it, whether it be the aqua base, orly rubberizing bonder, Essie base coat, or no base coat at all, it was one nasty streaky mess.
    I arranged a swap through MUA where I got some Ozotic Pro holo's. What a difference! There was no need for a base coat, it only needed two coats to reach a decent opacity. And the holo? OMG, the holo is fabulous!
    I've including some of the other nail polishes that I got the same day. Anyway, with without further ado, here's the names and the pics from left to right:

    GOSH Golden Dragon
    Zoya Midori
    Ozotic Pro 509
    Ozotic Pro 517
    Ozotic Pro 515
    Ozotic Pro 512
    Ozotic Pro 518
    Zoya Gemma
    Zoya Anaka
    Zoya Cheri

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  2. I am having the same streaky problem with Nfu Oh! I got #61 (the newest formula), and it is a hot gloopy mess. I also tried over aqua base, with barely better results. Granted, I've been doing all of this on a nail wheel, so I'm going to try swatching on my actual nail plate over the weekend. Fingers crossed it's a chemistry thing - otherwise I'm going to be so sad!
  3. i too wasnt a fan of nfuoh! i only have one, i think its 66? or 61.. the silver holo one.. and although i didnt use the aqua base, ive read that it can still be applied but it wasnt that great for me.
    ps, totally J of your swaps! i would love to play with your collection sometime! :girlsigh:
  4. Aqua Base is working fine on me, I could have got a good one. But i'm majorly disappointed with the new Nfu Oh holo 62 that's revamped-not-in-a-very-good-way.
    You are the queen of swaps, :worthy:
  5. If I'm the queen of swaps, you're all my ladies-in-waiting! qudz, come on over girl, my play with my stuff!
  6. I had issues with 61, finally got it to work by doing 2 coats + 1 coat sv followed by one more coat of 61 after everything dried. It was very pretty but I think I prefer my spectraflair franken due to ease of use.
  7. I didn't have any issues with my bottle of 61 and I didn't use a base coat. But now Coachlover has me wanting those Ozotics!
  8. Sounds like I need to test out my Nfu Oh holo.
  9. I'm telly you girl! I'd never have got it if I'd known what a pita it was!
  10. I didn't really have any issues with the Nfu Oh holos with 2 coats and no base coat.

    I have to say, Ozotics are awesome though I only have their multichromes.
  11. I have zero issues with my older Nfu-Oh holos as long as I don't use a base coat, but I got one of the newer-formula ones and it was NOT the same. Gloopier. It still worked okay, but application wasn't as easy as the older ones.

    Congrats on your goodies!
  12. I get terrible wear with the new Nfu-Oh holos. After reading a book for an hour, it looked like I hadn't done my nails in two weeks! Tons of edge wear and bald spots where my nails rested on the paper.
  13. So I'm glad I didn't get the Aqua Base yet, going to test Nfu Oh holo this weekend.

    But it sure looks like I'm going to need some Ozotic Pro holos.
  14. Oh, you do. You absolutely NEED the Ozotic Pro's. In fact I think it should be a mandatory requirement for a NP fans.
  15. Love all the colors!! The green is my favorite. I haven't had a problem with Nfu Oh as long as I use the aqua base. I find that if you go over it too much though it does get streaky.