OMG girls I need SO MUCH HELP!!

  1. I am very undecided about my coach girls! I most resently received my Large Carly and really do LOVE her, BUT she seems to weigh a TON!! I do not have much in her, and even when I take it out she is still feeling like the titanic. Do any other Carly girls notice this? I went into the nearest Coach store to me today :yes::p and was able to really look at the bags. I wanted to see if maybe I wanted the medium Carly instead, but it is a pit hugger on me and I just don't think it will be enough room. I don't like to have it so crowded with just my wallet, keys and slim photo carrier in the main compartment, kwim? Ugh, I just don't know!!! I like the Bleeker bags but am not sure what one to get. I was looking at the Large Bleeker hobo but it looks like it has less room in it then the medium Carly. I know I am more drawn to the signature fabric, so I really want something in signature. I do like the Black Ali, but again, I not sure about that one either. I know I want a shoulder bag that is NOT a pit hugger. HELP HELP HELP Please!!:confused1:
  2. hhmmm well if you do want a Carly I suggest trying the medium with your stuff in it.. it actually holds quite a bit and slouches nicely I think.. it is in your armpit and square when the tissue is all in it. Otherwise.. do you like the new legacy shoulder flap? Someone posted those are at Nordstrom for 50% off! There are the bleeckers like you mentioned, sohos, lots of other options. I am sure there will be lots of great suggestions.. good luck!!! :tup:
  3. If you love the Carly style, have you tried the slim Carly? It has a longer drop than a standard Carly and the size is between the medium and large.

    The Large Bleecker Flap bags have a perfect drop length (in my opinion, from someone who doesn't like bags too close under my arm) and are quite light. I have a khaki/coal Large Bleecker Flap and it is my new favorite.
  4. I felt the same way as you and I tried the Medium Carly and it worked out fine (and I carry quite a bit of stuff). I agree you should try the slim one as if you are concerned with strap drop length this might be better for you.
  5. Errrrrrrrrrgo?
  6. ^ Yeah ~ If you love the Carly, unfortunately you'll probably have to just get used to the heaviness, but that is pretty hard bc bags can end up hurting your shoulder & be painful to carry around :sad:. The ergo would be a great choice if you want a lighter weight bag ~ The large tote is reeeally gorgeous, in every color, and if you get a belted one, you'll satisfy the same visual effect of the hardware that the Carly has on the handles. Maybe try that next time you go into the store :smile:
  7. I would try the large Bleeker flap. I just got one in khaki/white and it is gorgeous, light and fits alot. It has a main compartment and two pockets on the bag. It also has the perfect drop length that is adjustable to 3 different lengths. Take a look!
  8. [​IMG]If you like the signature pattern of the Carly, this would satisfy that!!! My mom just got this bag, and she's VERY big on making sure a bag is light enough (bc after throwing all her stuff in it, it gets weighed down very easily, haha), and she actually told me how happy she was that she got it!!! She said it's perfect! I have it in camel & feel the same.
    [​IMG]Here's the belted one in signature; there's also the leather one belted AND an even larger size! :smile: I think the tote & large tote sizes are comparable to the large Carly, but I could be wrong. I sure can fit alot in mine, though!! Good luck!!
  9. :yes: EXACTLY!!!! and the belted ergo is TDF!!!!!!
  10. I was going to say it, too.... ERGO. It's not similar to the Carly but it is so lightweight!
  11. yup yup.... Ergo is beautiful and LIGHT :tup: