OMG!! Gigi has an Escharpe Tweedee!!!

  1. I can't believe I only just found out!!! This is the most exciting thing I've heard alll day!!:yahoo:

    congrats gigi!!

    where's katyc???????????:shrugs:

    now we know wtf an escharpe tweedee is!!!
  2. lmao! where did you see that, K?
  3. Lol! I saw that too! ^^ In the Member's items reference! Looks so cool. I might need that when winter comes round again next yr!

  4. LOL. I'm HERE !!!!
    Its a good tweedee for winter ya know :yahoo:

    I just havent had the chance to use it yet :nuts:
  5. Hmm, the bigger news is she has a new bag !!!!!!!

    Its beautiful !!!

    Gigi, where are u ????
  6. here here here!!! :P

    I just sent you a PM, Katyc! :flowers:
  7. Thanks very much, K!!! :flowers:
  8. And I enquired at the same store if there is any Escharpe Tweedee left and there isn't! I have to wait for the next shipment!
  9. Gigi, hope you don't mind, I am bringing in the picture of your Escarpe Tweedee here into the main forum since K has started this, in honour of your new shawl!

    escarpe tweedee.jpg

  10. No, not at all :flowers:
  11. Gigi ~ It's So Beautiful!!!! It Looks So Fabulous On!!!!! :smile:
  12. I need to take a breath and ask this ... how do you pronounce "escharpe" I just saw katyc's thread (so you are one of the 3 ladies who bought it from the same boutique!) and tweetie put in the phonetics but I still can't pronounce it. I was referring to it is, "you know, that cashmere shawl" sheepish:Push:
  13. escharpe is pronouced "a sharrp" - long a, and sharp with more of a harder a paired with roll on the "r", with a silent e.
  14. Gorgeous!!!!!!!
  15. i love it! it looks sooo luxurious!