OMG: getting my first iPod...

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    OK, as much as I'm a technology lover I'm not a geek by any means...I've decided on a complete whim to get a 30 gb iPod which holds 7500 songs and plays video. Anyone have this yet and if so, any comments?

    I love my glamourous CD racks and the 250 or so CDs in there but am now wondering if it's time to consolidate everything here with a nice Bose stereo with the iPod cradle. Help? :shrugs: Anyone who loves or hates this device I would truly appreciate your comments.
  2. The 30GB iPod is definitely worth it!! :smile: I only have an old one myself (4th Gen Blue backlight black/white) but I've been trying to convince my parents to let me buy a new one for months :P The mass amount of storage is fantastic for music, vids, photos as well as any file; it acts as a data storage device as well which is sooo handy and practical! :smile:

    A negative comment? All I can say is if you plan to watch long movies on it, I wouldn't find it completely reliable... the battery needs to be looked after from the moment you buy it to it's last moments :P It usually lasts around 8 hours (or so it says) but the videos make the batter go down very quickly. I would estimate that you would be able to watch one full movie on a full battery, if that...

    In relation to your battery, my cousin works for Apple and he gave me this advice:
    Once you've purchased your new iPod...
    1. Charge it overnight (or at least 8-10 hours)
    2. Once it has charged, use it until the battery is completely drained
    3. Once charged, you can continue using it until it runs out, then repeat the process of charging... only now you don't have to do it overnight, just until the battery is full :smile:

    This goes for a lot of electronic devices, such as new cell phones and mp3 players :nuts:

    Hope I helped :P

    - ÄiÐêN :smile:
  3. Hey. I have a 30GB iPod Video, the earliest 5th Generation iPods. If you are purchasing now, you are getting Gen '5.5' which has longer battery life and is 50 dollars cheaper than the one I bought almost a year ago.

    It's not really complicated, just know that if you have a lot music it will take a really long time to load.

    If you want to watch the vids you have on your computer now, you may have to convert them; use Videora for iPod if you are on Windows and Handbrake if you are on a Mac.

    I've bought two iPods since that one; I love them (I had an iPod Mini before, but the 5th Gens and Nanos really made me fall in love). I was so smitten that I also I bought a Mac. If you are on Windows and ever decide to switch, you'll find that sync'ing is way more trouble -free on a Mac.

    Oh, and if you are ripping CD's, research the various file formats and bitrates so that you can be comfortable with the quality of your compressed music.
  4. You will love it! I love mine!
  5. You will love your ipod! They are really worth the money!
  6. I love my iPod. I also have the Bose SoundDock. The sound is great. Worth every penny in my opinion.
  7. I need an Ipod too!!!

    I think I am the last person on earth without one!! LOL
  8. Couturegrl...nope, I am there with you!!! :lol:

    My younger sister came home for the week and she just a nano, it was the first time I had ever seen one in! I did not know they were actually so small!!! I really want to get one now!!
  9. Welcome to the iPod world!! I bought one shortly after they came out years ago. It still works great and I use it almost everyday!!
  10. Wha do I do with my old ipod? i wanna buy a new ipod nano?
  11. You can sell it...or keep it. I'm currently in possession of three, LOL. :P
  12. i have the bose system for my ipod and i couldn't live without it.
    or my car kit.
    my ipod keeps me sane.
    and whoever mentioned it above, you NEED to "train" your battery or else you'll get frustrated months later when it doesn't last!

    (oh, and if you're into black friday shopping...when you buy a 30gb at target, you get a $25 gift card. worth noting. i'm getting myself a new one)
  13. Thanks all for your comments!! I can't wait. I got my BF the Bose sound dock for his so now we'll have his-n-hers music together, awwww.
  14. I won a black 30g ipod when it first came out. I didn't think I would ever use it, so I sold it on Ebay. After that, I have been kicking myself for doing that. My hubby told me he's getting me one for xmas this year, and the LV MC case for it :heart:
  15. my son has it and totally loves it.