OMG Getting my First Chanel, my DREAM BAG tomorrow!!!

  1. I just randomly called the the Chanel boutique in Toronto and asked them if they had any Cambon large totes...guess what?? They did!!! bwahaha

    After lusting after this bag for a whole YEAR I finally have enough money to buy it. I am so excited I'm shaking:yahoo:
    This will be my first Chanel and probably my only Chanel for a very VERY long time hehe.

    I'm picking her up tomorrow morning before I go into work. It's the large tote, black with white Cs.

    My only reservation is that originally I wanted the patent Cs because it's not faked as much and it's more subtle, as in it doesn't scream out Chanel, but I feel that this is an opportunity I can't miss.

    I'm also kind of scared of spending this much money (comes to $1909.oo Canadian) on a bag. The most I've paid before was $700 on a Coach bag.
    However I did just graduate from university and I am working full time in my field so I deserve it!

    My mom is going to kill me hehe.

    I won't be able to post pics until I get home tomorrow night, so please be patient! :heart:
  2. Yay! Congratulations! I'll be buying my first Chanel tomorrow too! I get a little nervous when I think about spending so much money, but just remember that Chanel bags will always be classic and in style and they're high quality so you'll be carrying it for years!

  3. Congrats you'll love it.
  4. That's awesome!!
    Which bag are you getting? I'm so nervous thinking about how much money it is, so I'm trying not to think about it:graucho:
  5. You're going to love it! I just bought the large Cambon tote in beige/beige patent CC and it is super comfortable, lightweight, durable, roomy, and easy to shoulder. One of the best Chanel investments I've made so far.

    Don't forget to share pics with us when it arrives!
  6. I'm so happy for you! I just purchased my first this year myself! Great first bag, by the way! Post pics!!!
  7. I love the cambon line, sad I didn't have money then to splurge on them before...but soon, one shall be mine as well! :graucho: I'm hope you enjoy your tote! :p
  8. I'm getting a black GST with gold h/w. So excited, but as tomorrow gets closer and closer, I'm trying not to think about it too much. I know I'm going to end up keeping it in the box for a few days and debate if I should keep it or not, but I'm sure I'll keep it.

    My Mom does this all the time, so I guess I learned it from her! She got a bathrobe 25 years ago and still wears it but has been wanting a new one just like it by the same designer, Fernando Sanchez. I found her one at NM and had it sent to her and she still hasn't taken the tags off because it was over $200 and that was a couple of months ago. She's funny!
  9. You will love it - many people here on tPF have them and love them. congrats!

    I love FS bathrobes. Cute but very functional. worth the $$. You are a nice daughter!!
  10. Thanks maxter! I just know that she was always looking for the robes but could either never find one or she could find one but didn't like the colors. As soon as I saw it, I was like, "There it is!!" So I called her and told her and she was so excited. I just wish she would take the tags off it already and use it. She's going to have it for the next 25 years!!
  11. Congrats! I love the Cambon tote ... I have the black patent on black, but my first choice would have been the white on black. You'll love it! Can't wait to see pictures!
  12. I had the same dilemma when I bought my cambon. I really wanted the black with white CC's, but then thought the black with black patent CC's might work better. I ended up going with the black, but someday I'd love to have the white too.

  13. Congrats!! and congrats on your graduating, u definetly deserve your new bag, enjoy it.:tup:
  14. Yeah I am still debating on whether I should wait for the black with patent cs but I'm so impatient:graucho: Does anyone know what the exchange policy is?

    Thanks for the congrats everyone! I'll post pics as soon as I get home from work tomorrow:p
  15. i'm so happy for you as well. I would also like the cambon medium tote or the bowler bag but i don't even know where to start looking. please post a pic!