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  1. I just got a DM from HH...I had BEGGED for the yam Emile to go on sale earlier...HH DM'ed me and told me it would be on sale at 1:30...WHOO HOO YAM EMILE $224!! have to go through the TWitter Link....

    From HH...
    "I've got news! Your coveted Yam Emile, well it's going to be in a special Twitter only sale at 1:30pm today. Look out for the link on Twitter around 1:15 Est "
  2. Argh. Stomach ache time.
  3. OMG Miss Liz are you going to do it?

    I'd like to get a little Bungalow wallet, but I'm not sure which one to get. I need one for when the clutch wallet is too big. Preferably one that is nice for the spring summer. I guess that is more likely to be the Platinum lizard over the BBWS or the Bronze?

    Someone throw me a bone, LOL.
  4. Or Ruby. Shoot. Now I'm between Plat Liz. and Ruby. Hhmmm dodeedoooodeedoo....hmmm. Such a tough decision. Will the Ruby hold up better to wear?
  5. I know why I randomly decided to sign on to post a deals and steal item..shoot me..just friggen shoot me.

    I am trying to be really good. I passed on so much and even something from BE that I wanted...Missy...don't open your door tonight because I am flying down to your neck of the woods to strangle you. LOL

    OK taking a deep breath and realizing how much taxes are going to eat into everything and if I buy only the one thing I want it falls far short of free shipping.
  6. the emile in black---is it matte or does it have a sheen...I cant tell on my laptop
    and is yam more tan or orange?
  7. Bungalow wallets are realllllllllyyyyy heavy. I am using one until they fix my turnlock..(it's been a month and I was told it might take another few weeks)..the change purse is virtually useless btw..but it's really purty.
  8. Ban in place. I don't twitter so cannot access the sale. Ban is firmly in place.
  9. Sadness, I can't visit Twitter at work anymore. Blocked!
  10. Closing out the twitter link...did the posting that I came to do....will close down here as well as soon as I say bye bye to all of my wonderful tpf HH amigas...and....firmly keep my ban in place...aluminum foil will be wrapped around my head to keep alien HH invasive and persuasive thoughts away..and someone please tell me why or why Erol won't go away..LOL.
  11. What is the sale on? Is it just sale items or is everything % off? Is there away to enter, without going through twitter?
  12. Gingey that is true, the shipping would add probably $11 to my wallet. Heavy isn't good. But I could use a littler wallet than the clutch one and I'm not sure what else there is really. I'm proud of you for sticking with your ban. I should too for reals.

    Sukey - I have some pics of the Yam Staci here for you to see the colour.

    Hide - I'm just so proud of you. *sniff* I wish I had some strength. LOL.
  13. Swolf there are 20 items on sale:
    Goldrush wallet
    Lorca - Ruby, Cord, Black
    Emile - Yam, Black
    Bungalow Wallet - Plat Liz, BBWS, Ruby,
    Bowery - Bronze
    Clara Wallet Yam
    Gemma Field Tote and shoulder bag bLack
    Karta Clutch colorblock
    Red CBGB Belt
    Capri purse straw
    Sun Erol large
    Tree Charm
    Harness belt black
    Ibiza Khaki
  14. thanks!
    I can't decide....
  15. Yay MzLiz!! Enjoy your yam Emile!! :P