OMG~ Fuschia Metallic First arrived!

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  1. Thank you so much Let-Trade! :woohoo::yahoo:

    Introducing- Metallic Fuschia First!
    Please help with date of production--- I have no clue!
    And- no odors whatsoever!



  2. very pretty! you lucky girl :biggrin:
  3. This must be a 2004 correct? Thank you pluiee!!
  4. very cute + pretty!! you on are on a bbag roll!! :biggrin:
  5. A = S/S 2005 :tup:
  6. Another GORGEOUS bag frozen A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::love::love: You are on a roll!!!! CONGRATS sweetie!!!! :smile:
  7. Wow- 2005! How neat!!!

    Thanks for the compliments ladies! This bag is waaaaaaay way way WAY blingy!
  8. very nice. congrats!!!!!
  9. it is GORGEOUS!!! :yahoo:
  10. Nice, I Love This... Great Find!!!
  11. Gorgeous bag. What exactly is let trade? I've heard of it but don't know what it is.
  12. Oh! Let Trade is a very reputable reseller online :yes:

    Thanks again ladies- :flowers:
  13. Holy Cow! Your fushia metallic is absolutely gorgeous!! I just love the intensity of the color!!
  14. You're out of control :upsidedown: I truely met my match! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats F-A That baby is HOT:happydance::happydance: