OMG!!! Freudian Slip!!!!

  1. I have an extreme PHH (EPHH???)...he's told me that if any more bags enter the house he'll have to leave...only half jokingly....

    Anyway I'm on a mission to find the Chloe Audra bag in green patent leather,and I'd just got off the phone with a boutique.

    We are also trying to buy a house,and have a viewing on Friday. Anyway he said, "We can see it on Friday,but the lady owner is a bit depressed and has requested no more viewings after that,until at least August".

    I said,"Oh they won't sell the bag until then?"

    I meant HOUSE,not BAG!!!! Now he knows what's on my mind!! Uh-oh,we're in trouble...:sweatdrop:
  2. How cute! You definately have handbags on your mind and I comletely understand! LOL!
  3. thats funny!!!
  4. woops!
    did you realise what you had said before he did?
  5. Oops!!! What did PHH say?
  6. LOL! Sounds exactly like something I would do! Too funny! Good luck with the house (whisper....and the bag!).
  7. Wooooooooohoooooooooo,I don't think he realised it at all!! We said goodbye pretty quickly after that and while my words reverberated through my head I waited for that call back...but it never came LOL.

    I also called him a bit later to tell him something the baby had done,and he didn;t mention it. soooooI think I'm off the hook!!:wlae:

    Thank you!!!

    Thanks ladies...I knew I'd find kindred spirits here ;).
  8. I've done the exact same thing but normally when I've just bought a bag. I've then had to hide it for a while before bringing it out as "this old thing - I've had it ages!".

    Good luck with both the bag and the house!

    If he does say anything, you could say that you were looking at one of your bags when you were talking to him and got a little confused - they expect that of us sometimes!!!
  9. lol
  10. LOL!!!! that's soooo funny
  11. LOL too funny.
  12. Haha funny! Sometimes when my SO's talks to me, and I'm in a dazed, he automatically assumes I'm lusting over handbags.

    He's right 99% of the time. :p
  13. LOL!!! Hope you get your bag and house!

    I once had a slip.. I was talking to someone else about a friend and her boyfriend but I said husband instead of boyfriend lmao!
  14. hehehe, that's cute. :smile:
  15. lol, whoops! :nuts: