OMG, free louis vuitton from

  1. :drool: Now I know LV never goes on sale, but I've never heard of LV being free!!!!!!! Free LV from, whatever next

    (lol not really:sweatdrop: )
  2. i don't think that means it's free, it does say below the item that it is not sold online... maybe that's why the price isn't up?
  3. aha i know i just saw that i had to look twice if only:love:
  4. lol, I want a couple of those, at that price!
  5. :nuts: New Sweet necklaces? :drool: I can't wait till those hit the US!!! :yahoo:
  6. Haha love it!
  7. Love that price!! If only!!!!!!
  8. That's my kind of LV price!
  9. lol.
  10. Ill take five!
    If only...
  11. Hehe.
  12. lol, sign me up for one of each :graucho:
  13. I wish!
  14. It's ugly, but I'll take it for zero pounds!
  15. Lol!